Secret SEO Of A Number 1 Site With Less Links

Secret SEO Of A Number 1 Site With Less Links

Around the​ turning corner of​ year 2018,​ there was a​ site about Chinese culture on​ top 3,​ sometimes top 6,​ in​ the​ target keyword phrase ‘new year’. (I made this keyword up as​ an​ example. if​ you​ check on​ Google,​ you​ wouldn’t find this site because I don’t want my client exposed. Indeed,​ it​ was a​ similar keyword.) Around February 2018,​ all the​ sudden the​ site became top 1 in​ this keyword although there was no change in​ the​ content or​ the​ link profile. That’s because February is​ the​ Chinese Lunar New Year,​ people are very interested in​ my client’s content,​ so they click in​ and stay there for long time in​ reading the​ content. Google is​ very concern of​ the​ click-in rate. What Google would concern are: Would searchers immediately click ‘back’ button after click into this site? How long does the​ searcher stay in​ the​ site and start another search? Would the​ searchers click on​ the​ links attached in​ this site after? Will the​ searchers immediately redirected to​ another site? Google has all the​ data and want the​ best experience for their searchers. After the​ February 2018,​ the​ Chinese fever was over,​ the​ site went down to​ its number 3 as​ before. We can learn from this experience that searchers experience can make a​ big different. They can get you​ form number 3 to​ number 1. if​ you​ are trying to​ push your client’s site to​ number one in​ certain keywords you​ would probably have content that makes readers to​ stay long. They will vote for you.

As Google trust old website more much more than a​ new website,​ old and trustable site usually rank very well. you​ will notice in​ the​ search results that sub-pages of​ an​ old site without any inbound links from other site can easily rank in​ top 10 search result for moderate competitive keyword phrases. Someone have done an​ experiment like this:

He put the​ same content on​ a​ home page of​ a​ one-year old website (let’s call it​ Website A) and also on​ a​ sub-page of​ a​ ten-year old website (let’s call it​ Website B). the​ contents are very similar. to​ avoid duplicate content penalty he fixed the​ text a​ little bit,​ so search engines don’t look at​ them as​ duplicated content. a​ month later,​ when he check back to​ the​ result,​ he found that the​ sub-page of​ Website B rank number 10 on​ the​ targeted keyword while the​ Website a​ rank number 24. the​ sub-page of​ Website B has only a​ few inbound links from its own pages,​ not even from the​ home page,​ with no inbound links from other websites while Website a​ has hundreds of​ inbound links from different sites. See the​ different?

The question comes to​ how to​ take advantage of​ this experiment result? the​ answer is​ easy. you​ may buy an​ old domain from auction sites or​ rent a​ page from them.

Secret SEO Of A Number 1 Site With Less Links

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