Seated Wedding Reception Games

Seated Wedding Reception Games
Nothing is​ worse than having a​ wedding reception filled with seated guests who look tired and maybe a​ little bit bored .​
Maybe this wedding doesn't feature a​ DJ and rockin' music .​
Or maybe the​ crowd isn't into that whole dancing thing.
What to​ do? It's not that hard .​
There are a​ myriad of​ activities you can plan that will not only engage and entertain the​ guests,​ but also help them get to​ know each other and - most importantly - the​ bride and groom just a​ little bit better.
Here's one that's fun and might remind you just a​ little bit of​ a​ football game .​
Make a​ placard for each guest .​
On one side,​ letter Bride and on​ the​ other,​ Groom .​
Someone,​ and if​ you have a​ DJ it​ can be him or​ her,​ or​ the​ best man or​ maid of​ honor,​ asks a​ series of​ questions .​
They might be simple,​ like who was born in​ New York City? Or they might be more complicated,​ such as​ who,​ at​ 6,​ broke their leg when they were playing with their German shepherd puppy?
Guests don't yell their answer,​ but rather show their placard,​ turning it​ to​ the​ bride side of​ they think the​ question pertains to​ the​ bride or​ to​ the​ groom side if​ it's the​ opposite .​
The guests' guesses can be revealing,​ but even more revealing,​ are the​ true answers .​
It's a​ great,​ fun way for everyone to​ get to​ know a​ little more about the​ bride and groom.
One word of​ caution about the​ above activity: Keep ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends out of​ the​ questions and don't ask anything that might be a​ little too revealing or​ too risqué .​
Remember,​ grandmothers and grandfathers and young children will likely be present!
If it's too much work to​ create signs for each person,​ you can create just two and create two teams - a​ team of​ men and a​ team of​ women .​
Grouped together,​ the​ teams can work together to​ decide on​ the​ answer and answer as​ a​ group .​
This men versus women concept is​ always popular and sure to​ be fun for everyone.
One silly game that's always a​ hit really puts the​ groom in​ the​ spotlight .​
How well does he know the​ feel and touch of​ his new wife? In this game,​ everyone finds out .​
You can do this several ways .​
You can enlist just the​ wedding party in​ this game,​ or​ as​ many of​ the​ wedding guests that want to​ participate .​
Line each participant up and blindfold the​ groom .​
Put the​ bride somewhere in​ the​ mix,​ and send the​ groom on​ a​ hunt for his bride .​
The participants can either shake the​ groom's hand or​ give him a​ kiss on​ the​ cheek .​
In some versions,​ he might feel their hair or​ their leg .​
The details are up to​ you.
Depending on​ how far you want to​ take this game,​ you can add a​ fun element to​ it​ that is​ sometimes popular .​
You have the​ groom feel the​ leg of​ each participant .​
The best man,​ or​ other male member of​ the​ wedding party,​ rolls up his pant leg,​ puts on​ a​ garter and has the​ groom feel that .​
The groom has to​ kiss whoever he thinks is​ his bride,​ while still blindfolded .​
Often,​ he ends up kissing a​ man.
For an​ activity that allows the​ guests to​ be audience members instead of​ participants,​ consider the​ game of​ feed me .​
In this game,​ the​ bride is​ seated and the​ groom is​ (again) blindfolded .​
He's given a​ piece of​ food and then spun around a​ few times so he's a​ little bit dizzy .​
Guided only by the​ helpful words of​ his new bride,​ he has to​ find her and get the​ piece of​ food into her mouth .​
Be sure to​ have the​ wedding party shadowing him so there are no accidents .​
Once the​ groom has fed his new wife,​ the​ tables are turned and she is​ blindfolded and must find him .​
A few notes about this activity: when feeding the​ bride,​ don't use wedding cake or​ a​ piece of​ bread with dip .​
In other words,​ don't use anything too messy .​
If the​ groom has a​ hard time finding her mouth,​ he might likely smear the​ food on​ the​ bride's face and that is​ something that won't make a​ bride - prettily made up just hours before - too happy .​

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