Scuba Diving Computers Required

More and more dive operators are making them mandatory. Some even include a​ wrist dive computer as​ part of​ the​ gear provided to​ their customers. This is​ especially true for live-aboard dive boat operations.

Of course that only makes sense for these “dive your brains out” deals. You’re doing a​ ton of​ diving,​ spending serious time underwater,​ and a​ computer not only makes it​ easier,​ but helps avoid compromising safety.

And don’t misunderstand,​ live-aboards are great. it​ doesn’t get much better than five or​ so dives a​ day,​ and merely rolling out of​ bed to​ get to​ the​ site. Put that together with great food,​ pristine reefs off the​ beaten path,​ & falling asleep under the​ stars,​ and it’s a​ super vacation recipe.

Aside from their obvious usefulness in​ the​ live-aboard world,​ dive computers make sense for most all diving situations. in​ fact,​ anyone serious about the​ sport shouldn’t make another dive without one. From maximizing bottom time to​ calculating complex dive plans without compromising safety,​ these wrist computers are invaluable.

Even the​ dive operators who don’t make them mandatory,​ will separate the​ computer divers from the​ non-computer divers,​ requiring those without personal dive computers to​ follow a​ much more conservative profile,​ which most often results in​ a​ shorter dive.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being conservative,​ but not to​ the​ extent of​ cutting a​ dive needlessly short. And that’s the​ whole point behind using a​ computer. it​ allows more time at​ depth and/or underwater while still helping you stay within safe limits.

There may be a​ handful of​ very experienced scuba divers who are so skilled with the​ dive tables,​ they can recalculate complex dive plans on​ the​ fly during their dive with some proficiency. But even they can’t beat a​ computer in​ terms of​ speed and accuracy. And most,​ if​ not all those guys,​ still use a​ computer simply because they prefer to​ get the​ most from their diving.

Whether you need the​ full functionality of​ variable gas mixtures,​ extensive dive logging,​ complicated multi-level dive profiles,​ deep or​ decompression dives,​ etc.,​ or​ just want to​ stay safe while allowing for slight changes to​ your dive plan,​ a​ good dive computer is​ an​ excellent investment.

They really should be considered required equipment. Prices have come down so far that cost just isn’t an​ excuse anymore,​ especially when thinking about safety. Get the​ most out of​ your diving by making a​ wrist computer an​ integral part of​ your dive gear.

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