Science Diet Dog Food 19

Have you​ ever made the​ assumption that because a​ product is​ on​ the​ market it​ is​ safe? This unfortunately is​ not true .​
There are lawsuits before the​ courts on​ a​ weekly basis because of​ some of​ the​ poor quality things that are on​ the​ market .​
My husband had a​ very bad experience with a​ poor product that almost cost him the​ life of​ his dog.
About seven months prior to​ our marriage my husband bought a​ black lab puppy .​
My husband is​ a​ duck hunter and he was raised in​ a​ family that always owned a​ lab .​
The puppy was very smart and so his training went quite smoothly .​
We did not have very much money when we were first married and we were saving for a​ home .​
We were always looking for ways to​ save money .​
When the​ puppy got to​ be a​ year old we switched it​ from puppy chow to​ adult dog food .​
We were feeding him food that we bought from a​ large farm supplier .​
When the​ dog was about eighteen months old we noticed that his coat was getting very thin .​
When we would pet him there were clumps of​ hair that would fall out .​
He seemed to​ have no energy .​
We took him to​ the​ vet .​
The vet’s first question is​ what have you​ been feeding the​ dog .​
We told him the​ name of​ the​ food and where we were buying it .​
We found out that our dog was starving .​
The food we were feeding him was mostly fillers .​
He was not getting the​ nutrients needed to​ maintain a​ healthy coat or​ to​ sustain activity .​
We felt awful .​
The vet suggested buying science diet dog food to​ help get him back on​ track .​
The vet explained to​ us that the​ science diet dog food might seem expensive; however it​ is​ so concentrated with protein and nutrients that you​ only feed the​ dog a​ small amount.

We bought a​ bag of​ the​ science diet dog food from the​ vet and took the​ dog home .​
Within two weeks the​ dog was filled with energy and you​ could see that his coat was getting its sheen back .​
We also noticed that we had much smaller feces to​ up .​
When he had been eating the​ cheap filler food he would have large piles of​ feces .​
We went to​ the​ farm supplier and told them our experience with using the​ dog food that they were selling .​
They told us that the​ ingredients are listed on​ the​ bag as​ well as​ the​ percentages based on​ weight .​
They told us that the​ percentages meet the​ minimum requirements of​ the​ food and drug administration .​
We could not believe that they could have something on​ the​ market that will starve a​ dog no matter how much was fed to​ it .​
We have tried to​ spread the​ word as​ much as​ possible to​ let people know the​ importance of​ feeding high quality food to​ their animals such as​ science diet dog food.

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