Save Money By Buying Bulk Computer Printer Ink

Save Money By Buying Bulk Computer Printer Ink
When it's time to​ replace you printer ink cartridge,​ buying bulk ink will save you some money .​
You need to​ be sure the​ bulk ink will be suitable for your printer,​ however .​
So how do you find the​ best deals?
The following your alternatives:
Original Manufacturer Cartridges
You can usually buy them for less if​ you buy them in​ bulk .​
If your printer uses both a​ black cartridges and a​ color,​ you likely use more of​ one than the​ other .​
If you're going to​ buy them in​ bulk,​ just buy the​ one you use most.
The original manufacturer's cartridges will usually give you the​ best quality prints out of​ any of​ the​ alternatives .​
They are the​ most expensive,​ however.
Also,​ if​ you buy them in​ bulk keep in​ mind that they do dry out .​
Most ink cartridges have a​ best before date on​ the​ box .​
If they sit too long before you use them,​ the​ ink may dry out (which means your bulk purchase savings will disappear out the​ window).
Remanufactured (Refilled) Cartridges
There are many companies that sell remanufactured cartridges .​
These are basically refilled OEM cartridges,​ but without the​ hassle and mess of​ doing the​ refilling yourself.
The companies that refill them also usually do a​ more thorough job of​ cleaning and testing them than you can do yourself,​ so they tend to​ be more reliable.
These cartridges are much like the​ original brand of​ ink - they will dry out if​ they sit too long .​
Don't buy more than you need to​ last you for a​ couple of​ months,​ otherwise they may not work by the​ time you use them.
Do-It-Yourself Refill Kits
These kits let you refill your empty cartridges and are the​ cheapest option of​ them all .​
The bottles that hold the​ ink until you refill the​ cartridge are also much less prone to​ drying out,​ so these kits have a​ much longer shelf life.
The refilling process can be tricky,​ however,​ for some printer models more than others .​
It can be quite messy if​ you aren't careful.
Comparing the​ Costs
Let's compare the​ price of​ each of​ the​ above options:
An original HP ink cartridge for the​ V40 series printer costs about $30 from most stores (black only).
If you buy this ink in​ bulk from a​ wholesaler,​ it​ will cost about $100 for 4 cartridges,​ or​ $25 per unit.
You can buy remanufactured ink cartridges for the​ same printer for $21 each,​ or​ less if​ bought in​ bulk.
Finally,​ a​ bottle of​ black refill ink for that printer will cost you roughly $15,​ and will refill the​ ink 4 times .​
This works out to​ $3.75 per refill.

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