Sauna Belt Melt Belt Slimming Belt A Review Of Miracle Weight Loss Devices

Sauna Belt Melt Belt Slimming Belt A Review Of Miracle Weight Loss

Sauna Belt Melt Belt Slimming Belt a​ Review of​ Miracle Weight Loss Devices
Who hasnt seen an advertisement or​ socalled infomercial rather misinformercial if​ you ask me advertising a​ weight loss device or​ slimming belt that miraculously makes you lose weight without actually doing sports or​ changing your eating habits. Common sense alone dictates that such a​ thing is​ hardly possible. However,​ the​ advertisers are very cunning and they claim to​ achieve the​ aim of​ losing a​ lot of​ weight in​ little time with even less effort by using new,​ revolutionary technologies.
Now,​ I ​ am not a​ tech freak and I ​ cannot claim to​ understand all the​ workings of​ infrared light/ heat Melt Belt and Sauna Belt,​ vibrations Slimming Belt or​ whatever new technology is​ used to​ supposedly achieve weight loss. So,​ if​ I ​ told you these devices are useless why should you believe me any more than the​ advertisements? Its very simple you dont. Although I ​ am an expert on​ the​ fields of​ nutrition and sports medicine you should not believe a​ single person making a​ claim.
However,​ the​ United States Government has realized that obesity is​ a​ rapidly growing problem and that deceitful advertisements for weight loss devices can event present a​ health risk for people relying on​ these devices to​ lose weight if​ they don't additionally work out and change their nutrition. the​ Federal Trade Commission is​ a​ government agency that monitors advertisements for bogus or​ deceptive claims. in​ its brochure Red Flag Bogus Weight Loss Claims downloadable at​ www. ftc. org; an illustrated version of​ this article is​ available at​ www. beautyhealthsource. com the​ agency lists 7 ways to​ identify false ads and products. Using those 7 indicators you can check the​ ads for Melt Belt,​ Sauna Belt,​ Slimming Belt and any other miracle weight loss device such as​ nonprescription diet ​Drug​s,​ dietary supplements,​ skin patches,​ creams,​ wraps or​ any other product that is​ worn on​ the​ body or​ rubbed into the​ skin. Instead of​ taking my word for it,​ use the​ FTCs recommendations and your own common sense to​ check if​ Melt Belt,​ Slimming Belt or​ the​ Sauna Belt can help you lose weight and keep it​ off.
You are throwing your money out the​ window if​ the​ product you buy claims to
1. Cause substantial weight loss by wearing it​ on​ the​ body or​ rubbing it​ into the​ skin.
You might think of​ the​ US government what you like,​ but honestly why should they publish a​ guideline for healthier living and protecting people from product scams if​ their findings were not true? Especially since these guidelines only confirm what common sense tells most of​ us anyways. Products like body belts,​ body wraps,​ rings,​ creams or​ lotions cannot make you lose substantial weight. Ads claiming that products from this category can make you lose as​ much as​ a​ pound a​ week are simply put just lies.
2. Cause weight loss of​ two pounds or​ more a​ week for a​ month or​ more without dieting or​ exercise.
Even though certain advertisements wants to​ make us believe differently,​ everybody knows that in​ order to​ lose weight you have to​ exercise more and/or change your diet consuming fewer calories. According to​ the​ nutrition experts of​ the​ FTC any advertisement that claims otherwise is​ simply false. I ​ personally agree wholeheartedly that it​ is​ not true if​ a​ product promises to​ make you lose weight without changing your lifestyle.
3. Cause substantial weight loss meaning the​ loss of​ at​ least 1 pound/week or​ a​ total weight loss of​ more than 15 pounds in​ any time period no matter what or​ how much a​ consumer eats
It is​ impossible for you to​ lose weight no matter how much or​ what you eat. as​ stated before,​ losing weight requires consuming fewer calories. Some products may claim to​ curb your appetite,​ however that also means you will want to​ eat less,​ if​ they work that is. But,​ by eating less you might deprive your body of​ the​ nutrients,​ vitamins and minerals it​ needs. Eating the​ right amount of​ healthy food is​ the​ key,​ not eating less of​ the​ wrong kind of​ food.
4. Cause permanent weight loss even if​ the​ consumer stops using the​ product.
You have to​ permanently change your lifestyle in​ order to​ lose weight and keep it​ off. if​ you stop using the​ product and neither change your eating habits nor exercise,​ you will gain weight again. Now the​ only question remaining is,​ if​ you want to​ use that specific product especially critical with diet pills for the​ rest of​ your life just to​ keep that weight off.
5. Block the​ absorption of​ fat or​ calories to​ enable consumers to​ lose substantial weight.
Even legitimate and prescribed fat blockers have to​ be used in​ combination with a​ dietary change in​ order to​ achieve significant weight loss. Pills alone won’t make you slim.
Again you cannot achieve significant weight loss just by washing down your burger and fries with diet pills. the​ calories you consume cannot be miraculously neutralized by any pill. a​ healthier diet will also benefit your level of​ cholesterol and your blood pressure.
6. Safely enable consumers to​ lose more than three pounds per week for more than four weeks
If you lose more than 3 pounds per week you risk getting gallstones and are endangering your health in​ many other ways,​ too. if​ the​ product claims that no dieting is​ required it​ is​ false for that reason also as​ was shown before.
7. Cause substantial weight loss for all users.
Every body is​ different,​ has a​ different metabolism,​ needs and abilities. it​ is​ simply not true that the​ same product will result in​ a​ significant weight loss for anyone using it.
Every type of​ medication or​ medical device targets a​ specific group of​ people. Within the​ large group of​ obese people there are many subcategories as​ people are overweight for different reasons. Hence,​ the​ same pill,​ lotion or​ device cannot guarantee to​ lead to​ a​ reduction in​ weight of​ any user.
The following statements are from respective ads for Sauna Belt,​ Melt Belt and Slimming Belt. Just read them and check if​ any of​ the​ FTC indicators match the​ ads for these products. Make up your own mind.
Sauna Belt the​ Sauna Pro Deluxe advance heat systems sweats away unwanted fat,​ eliminate cellulite,​ lose weight and ease muscle pain,​ all while in​ the​ comfort of​ your own home. Just apply the​ Sauna Belt around the​ chosen body part and let the​ belt do all the​ work.
Melt Belt Lose Inches and Pounds Without Diet or​ Exercise. the​ secret is​ that you use your bodys own heat as​ you gently massage away unwanted bulges with this amazing ultrathin rubber belt.
Slimming Belt the​ swaying vibration with large arc will make the​ human body carry out sympathetic vibration and accelerate the​ blood circulation of​ the​ body,​ speed up the​ metabolism and achieve double effects of​ fat dissolving and body slimming.

Sauna Belt Melt Belt Slimming Belt A Review Of Miracle Weight Loss

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