Rpg Games For Beginners

RPG games for beginners
For the​ ones of​ you that don’t know RPG stands for Role Playing Game,​ and is​ one of​ the​ most played type of​ game nowadays.

You are the​ main hero,​ and you interact with other characters also called NPCs or​ Non Playable Characters if​ you’re playing single player. They will give you quests to​ do,​ and you have to​ do them,​ in​ order to​ get experience and advance to​ higher levels.

The story has the​ main quest,​ that will end the​ game when finished,​ and usually a​ lot of​ side quests,​ that will help you develop your character. the​ side quests are not necessary,​ but will get you deeper into the​ story and sometimes that is​ really worth it!

Most RPG games allow you to​ choose your type of​ character at​ the​ beginning. Usually there are several types of​ characters,​ all with different attributes,​ but there are three main categories to​ choose from wizard,​ fighter and archer. These will take different names and attributes and will be further more differentiated into subcategories,​ depending on​ the​ game. For example,​ the​ wizard can become specialized on​ different categories of​ spells,​ like earth,​ water,​ dark magic,​ white magic,​ fire,​ lightning,​ nature.

How do you grow your character? Well this depends from game to​ game,​ but basically you have
life,​ called life points in​ many games representing your health
mana,​ or​ mana points representing the​ wizardry point you have left these point allow you to​ do spells,​ if​ you don’t have them you won’t be able to​ cast spells
stamina,​ also found by other names,​ depending on​ the​ game,​ this represents how much time you can run,​ of​ do special moves.

Besides these three there are a​ few other primary attributes like
strength representing the​ strength of​ your character,​ you’ll have to​ put points here if​ your character is​ a​ fighter.
dexterity representing the​ dexterity of​ your character,​ usually important for archers
intelligence representing the​ intelligence of​ your character,​ usually important for wizards.
There may appear some more primary attributes depending on​ the​ game but don’t worry they are usually explained!

Experience this is​ heart of​ the​ game,​ and this along with the​ story will keep you in​ front of​ the​ computer for days! Basically,​ when you kill monsters you get experience,​ you also get experience when you do the​ quests. This experience is​ used to​ grow in​ level,​ making you stronger and able to​ battle with more and more monsters. Take care how you spend your experience,​ because in​ the​ later part of​ the​ game it’s important to​ be strong so you can finish the​ game. Usually it’s best to​ choose a​ line of​ evolution at​ the​ beginning and keep it​ until the​ end of​ the​ game !

Ok,​ we’ve reached the​ end of​ part one,​ hope I ​ was able to​ enlighten you a​ little concerning the​ mysteries of​ RPG games. See you in​ part two!

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