Roadmap To Weight Reduction Success

There’s an​ old saying;

“If you don’t know where you are going,​ all roads lead there (nowhere!)”

I speak to​ many people who want to​ reduce their wait and the​ first thing I ask them is​ “how much do you want to​ reduce your weight by?”
The usual answer I get back is​ something along the​ lines of;

“Oh I don’t know,​ I am just getting rid of​ my excess weight”


“I’m just trying to​ lose a​ bit”

In fact I would estimate that 95% of​ the​ people I speak to​ do not know exactly how much they want to​ reduce their weight by! When you couple this with the​ fact that 95% of​ people who want to​ reduce their weight never succeed you start to​ see a​ bigger picture.

I would also say that a​ large amount of​ those people also do not know how much they weigh in​ the​ first place,​ how can you know if​ you are succeeding if​ you don’t know where you started from and where you want to​ go?

The simple answer is​ YOU CAN’T!

The title of​ this article is​ “The Roadmap to​ Success” so let me carry on​ with that metaphor.

If you are going on​ a​ journey and you needed to​ get to​ a​ specific place that you had never been before would you just set off and hope for the​ best? No of​ course you wouldn’t.
You would want to​ know where you are setting off from,​ how far it​ is,​ what the​ route is,​ do you need to​ stop on​ the​ way,​ do you need a​ car or​ boat,​ do you need to​ catch a​ plane,​ what time do you need to​ leave,​ how long will it​ take you,​ and so on​ and so on.

You may use an​ atlas or​ print a​ map off of​ the​ internet,​ you may phone the​ place that you are going so they can give you directions or​ ask someone that has been there before.

Can you hear what I am saying? Do you see where I am going with this?

If you can plan a​ journey with this much detail so that you get to​ where you want to​ be what is​ stopping you from planning your ‘weight reduction journey’ like this and giving yourself the​ best chance of​ getting to​ where you want to​ be?

The answer might be that you don’t really know where to​ start; well I am here to​ help you.

Below is​ a​ 7 point guide to​ planning your “Roadmap to​ Success” use it​ to​ ensure you give yourself the​ best possible chance of​ reaching your destination.

1. Find out where you are now! That’s right it​ means weighing yourself. I know that people who are overweight generally do not like weighing themselves; I have been there and know the​ feeling. Trust me when I say that this is​ an​ essential part of​ the​ journey. Just do it.
2. Decide on​ your final outcome! Work out for yourself what weight you want to​ reach. You can do this however you want,​ make sure it​ is​ achievable and that it​ is​ a​ healthy weight for you to​ be at. You now know how much you have to​ reduce your weight by.
3. Decide on​ a​ timeframe! Consider how long it​ will take you to​ reduce your weight by that much and set a​ deadline of​ when you want to​ reach your outcome. Again make it​ achievable – there is​ no point wanting to​ reduce your weight by 4 stones (56 pounds) in​ a​ week.
4. Split the​ timeframe down! Set some smaller goals,​ if​ you have given yourself a​ year for example split it​ down in​ to​ monthly goals to​ be achieved.
5. Who/what is​ going to​ help you? Everyone needs help,​ it’s that simple. Maybe you can get advice from an​ expert or​ buy a​ book or​ ebook. Which friends and/or family can you count on​ for undying support? Speak to​ them,​ tell them your goal and ask them for their help and support.
6. Get started and don’t stop! Sorry if​ that sounds simple but I hear so many people say “I will start next week” or​ “I am just having a​ day off,​ I will get back on​ it​ tomorrow” it​ is​ a​ hard truth that you cannot afford to​ stop every now and again or​ have a​ ‘day off’ There is​ no better time to​ start than right now and no better time to​ stop than when you succeed.
7. Finally,​ get ready to​ celebrate! One key thing that people miss out on​ when achieving something is​ the​ celebration. Celebrating tells your nervous system that this is​ good and I want more of​ it. So celebrate in​ a​ small way when you achieve your short term goals then plan a​ huge celebration for when you reach your ultimate outcome. Ask yourself ‘What is​ my ultimate prize for succeeding?” then right down a​ whole list of​ things and choose the​ ultimate that you promise to​ give yourself once you have reached your final outcome.

So by now you should have your journey planned,​ now get started,​ enjoy the​ journey and reach your destination.

You have my very best wishes.

Graham Nicholls

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