Repair Your Computer For Free

Repair Your Computer For Free
I just read an​ article about a​ lady whose computer was deluged by adware .​
It was such a​ problem that she spent thousands of​ dollars on​ computer repair fees to​ try to​ clean up her computer .​
The said thing is​ that she could have restored her computer by herself in​ less than a​ few hours and for free.
Somewhere down the​ line,​ there will be problems with your computer (adware,​ spyware,​ viruses,​ good software gone bad,​ etc,​) .​
Obviously,​ you should use protection software to​ prevent as​ much as​ possible .​
However,​ you will most likely eventually find yourself in​ a​ mess .​
Relax! Don't worry.
Don't spend thousands of​ dollars on​ a​ computer guy to​ fix your computer if​ it​ breaks down .​
The first rule of​ thumb is,​ don’t spend more than $300,​ which would buy you a​ new computer today .​
But don't throw away your computer yet -- there is​ another solution.
If you are unable to​ access programs like MS Office and Quicken you may have a​ hardware problem,​ or​ your data may be so corrupted that you may have to​ call in​ a​ computer expert to​ get to​ it​ – and he may not be able to​ access it​ in​ a​ cost effective way .​
Decide ahead of​ time how much your data is​ worth to​ you and find out how much you will pay the​ expert.
If you can still access your data,​ try the​ following:
First,​ back up all the​ saved data from programs like MS Office and Quicken .​
Make sure you have the​ original program discs because later you will need to​ reload these programs,​ and any backed up data .​
Then,​ just reload your Windows XP operating system (or upgrade to​ Windows XP) .​
Bypass any warnings it​ gives you about your existing data .​
It will wipe your computer clean and you can start again .​
Go online and load the​ FREE security programs listed below .​
Then load the​ programs you wish to​ re-install and then their backed up data .​
Your computer will run like brand new (or better!) .​
Warning! You will lose everything on​ your computer when you install Windows XP,​ and all the​ programs have to​ be re-loaded.
Here is​ the​ plan.
1) Starting now if​ it​ is​ not too late,​ you should be saving your important files and data to​ a​ disk or​ better yet to​ an​ online file folder .​
The online file folder sign-up can be found in​ the​ godaddy e-mail area .​
This way your files and data are safer .​
I​ enjoy accessing my files remotely from any computer as​ well .​
You should also neatly save and organize your important software so it​ is​ easy to​ reload.
2) Reload or​ load for the​ first time Windows XP Home edition or​ Professional.
3) Now download for FREE Microsoft Defender Anti-Spyware from
4) Now download for FREE Avast Anti-virus.
These three work great together .​
You can find great information on​ in​ the​ free stuff forum at​ .​
They list many of​ the​ above solutions.
I even suggest for older computers that are running sluggishly to​ load Windows XP right now to​ clean it​ up your system and make it​ work faster – before problems occur .​
Your computer will work like new .​
CAUTION: You will lose everything when you re-load the​ Windows XP on​ you computer,​ but that is​ good if​ you have a​ bunch of​ junk .​
I did the​ above on​ 2 older Dells .​
One was plagued by an​ overload of​ junk and adware that popped up constantly .​
The other was just old and slow .​
I​ loaded the​ new Windows XP and started from scratch,​ and they work even better than the​ brand new Dells at​ my office that are loaded with a​ paid McAfee security package .​
McAfee seems to​ try to​ trick you into paying twice for the​ subscription,​ but the​ above solution is​ free and does the​ same thing.
Disclaimer: I​ am not an​ expert on​ any of​ the​ above,​ but I​ did sleep at​ a​ Holiday Inn last night .​
For hardware problems or​ to​ restore data,​ you may need a​ computer guy (expert) .​
Also,​ you may have a​ computer guy who is​ very cost effective and efficient (they are around),​ but there are just as​ many that spend to​ much time and money (yours) to​ fix something their way.

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