Relief From Neck Pains Which Arise Due To Long Hours Of Sitting In Front Of A Computer

Relief from Neck Pains Which Arise Due to​ Long Hours of​ Sitting in​ Front of​ a​ Computer
These days every third person has a​ job in​ which a​ computer or​ a​ laptop is​ a​ must. This has helped millions of​ companies to​ achieve great productivity but at​ the​ same time workers often keep complaining about pain in​ their neck and shoulder. in​ this scenario,​ it​ becomes vital to​ perform some exercises for neck & shoulder muscles. There are some really easy,​ less time consuming and effective stretching exercises for your neck & shoulder that can help a​ great deal in​ relieving stress pain in​ your neck and shoulder.
To start with your neck below exercises will surely help you to​ forget the​ phrase Pain in​ the​ neck.
• You can either sit or​ stand with your arms resting on​ the​ side and then turn your head on​ one side. Hold this position for 3045 seconds and then rotate your head towards the​ other side. Do about 810 reps on​ each side.
• Another good stretching exercise for your neck,​ in​ which you have to​ move your head up and down. as​ you raise your neck from the​ down position position I ​ which you will be seeing the​ floor,​ gradually let it​ go up and then slightly turn it​ backwards such that you can see the​ ceiling of​ your room. Do about 810 repetitions. Instantly you will get relief from your neck pain.
• Another useful neck stretch consists of​ tilting your head towards your shoulder. Now move your head from one shoulder to​ the​ other and do it​ for about 810 times.
You could do the​ above three exercises at​ an interval of​ 23 minutes. For those suffering from Spondylitis,​ consult your doctor before you start with above stretching exercise.
When you are suffering from a​ pain in​ your neck,​ you are bound to​ have some pain in​ your shoulder muscles also,​ even if​ not,​ why not relieve the​ tension from your shoulder muscles also. Follow these basic shoulder stretching exercises for which you just need to​ dedicate 10 minutes.
• Shoulder Rolls Roll your shoulders in​ a​ circular motion,​ slowly and gently. Repeat in​ the​ same in​ the​ opposite direction.
• Shrugs Elevate both shoulders and hold them for 15 seconds. Relax. Breath out and leave them free. Repeat it​ for 10 times.
• Side Stretch Both hands upwards ,​ fingers facing the​ sky. Clasp hands together. Slowly,​ lean to​ one side and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat the​ same on​ the​ opposite side. Repeat this stretching for 10 times on​ each side.
Now,​ aren’t you feeling good,​ energetic and didn’t you realize that your neck pain has gone. Its fun to​ stay fit.
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