Recovering From Your Weight Loss Surgery

Recovering From Your Weight Loss Surgery

When you are recovering from your weight loss surgery you will most likely be on​ a​ strict diet. Your diet will consist of​ three to​ four phases designed to​ get your new stomach working and back to​ digesting solid food.

The first phase is​ right after surgery and for up to​ four days. This is​ the​ clear liquid foods phase. On liquids you will drink water,​ Gatorade,​ clear drink mixes,​ broth,​ Jell-O and any other clear fluids you can think of. It’s important to​ sip something almost constantly during this time in​ order to​ help your body get enough liquids to​ heal and stay healthy.

After this phase you can move onto a​ full liquids diet. Some may be very excited to​ be able to​ start on​ something more filling or​ some may find that their new stomach makes odd squelches at​ the​ thought. Everyone is​ different and will start on​ the​ next phase at​ a​ different point. the​ full liquids are shakes,​ and breakfast drinks and any other non-clear liquids that you can think of. You may be on​ the​ full liquids diet for a​ couple of​ weeks.

The next two phases are often thought of​ in​ one group but really it’s the​ pureed foods phase
and the​ soft foods phase. in​ pureed foods your doctor or​ nutritionist may suggest that you try eating baby food to​ see if​ you like it. Also you can puree things to​ make drinks with a​ shake like consistency. the​ important thing is​ to​ introduce your stomach to​ more foods but still work to​ make it​ as​ easy as​ possible for you to​ digest. in​ soft foods phase your prescription will be for foods that are easy to​ mush up in​ your mouth. This things can be mashed potatoes,​ oatmeal,​ scrambled eggs and so on.

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