Reaping Benefits From Viparita Karni Asana

Reaping Benefits From Viparita Karni Asana

Every yoga asana has been made with the intention​ of​ being useful to​ the different parts of​ your​ body. All the yoga asanas you​ would learn or​ must have heard about would be useful one way or​ the other. Viparita - would mean inverted, opposite karani would mean - in​ action, an​ act of​ doing. it​ is​ also known as​ the leg-up-the-wall-pose. Most of​ the yoga positions keeps your​ feet on​ ground but this​ position​ does the opposite, helping you​ ease up your​ muscles by the flow of​ blood from the leg to​ your​ head.

this​ inverted position​ leads to​ increase in​ blood flow to​ your​ upper body as​ well as​ to​ your​ brain​ which is​ very useful to​ maintain​ your​ blood pressure. The longer you​ be in​ this​ position​ it​ will be more beneficial to​ you. your​ day long or​ week long fatigue would go away and​ gets you​ refreshed. it​ can be termed as​ one of​ the best medicines to​ revive you​ from the feeling of​ exhaustion​ and​ fatigue.

this​ helps in​ many ways to​ calm your​ nervous system which would have worn out by excessive use. this​ asana would help you​ in​ all the possible ways to​ restore your​ health. While doing this​ asana by concentrating on​ your​ testes or​ ovaries, it​ can prove to​ be very beneficial to​ your​ reproductive system. this​ asana helps you​ keep your​ strength and​ vitality intact. it​ prevents premature aging by giving you​ a​ wrinkle free skin. your​ thyroid glands also functions with more energy to​ prevent any thyroid problems. it​ also lessens your​ menstrual discomfort.

While doing this​ asana do not stretch yourself too much. Start off with minimal seconds and​ then gradually and​ slowly increase the duration​ for​ ten minutes. People who have health conditions should consult their doctor before practicing these asanas. as​ many of​ these asanas have unknown facts which should be clarified.

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