Real Estate Email Marketing Maximizes Your Exposure

Real Estate Email Marketing Maximizes Your Exposure
There's little doubt that the​ U.S .​
real estate market is​ undergoing a​ profound transformation .​
After several years of​ freewheeling lending practices and unsurpassed increases in​ home valuations,​ the​ real estate market is​ undergoing a​ major correction .​
Home values are dropping in​ many areas around the​ country,​ and some homeowners are facing an​ impending uptick in​ their adjustable rate mortgage payments,​ placing them in​ an​ untenable position .​
In short,​ it's a​ volatile market .​
Lenders are tightening the​ criteria for mortgages,​ and the​ window for subprime lending is​ closing .​
Some homeowners who are holding subprime mortgages are facing foreclosures,​ while others are trying to​ sell their homes before they find themselves in​ a​ negative equity situation .​
As a​ result,​ real estate professionals,​ investors,​ and home sellers are scrambling to​ gain an​ edge in​ a​ competitive marketplace .​
Real Estate Marketing
Long gone are the​ days when traditional methods of​ real estate marketing are sufficient to​ move properties .​
a​ sign on​ the​ lawn,​ a​ Multiple Listing Service listing,​ and an​ open house still have their place,​ but they comprise only one facet of​ an​ effective real estate marketing campaign .​
Just as​ in​ most other areas of​ business,​ the​ Internet is​ playing a​ crucial role in​ real estate .​
Online listings of​ homes for rent,​ homes for sale,​ and foreclosures draw an​ increasing number of​ buyers and investors .​
Photographs and video are increasingly being used to​ whet the​ appetites of​ potential buyers .​
Still,​ online listings and multimedia presentations are relatively passive forms of​ marketing in​ this competitive era .​
Those who are on​ the​ cutting edge are utilizing the​ Internet to​ their best advantage,​ and taking strategies from the​ playbooks of​ those in​ other fields.
Email Marketing as​ a​ Push Strategy
If drawing potential real estate buyers to​ an​ online listing is​ a​ pull strategy,​ then real estate email marketing is​ a​ push strategy - one that makes sense in​ today's marketplace .​
After all,​ retailers and e-tailers use email marketing to​ their best advantage .​
Email inboxes are stuffed with large and small business emails alike .​
It makes sense that real estate email marketing can also be effective,​ in​ that it​ delivers information about agents,​ developers,​ sellers,​ and their respective properties directly into the​ hands of​ interested potential buyers.
Email Marketing is​ Easier than it​ Seems
At first blush,​ real estate email marketing may seem out of​ reach for many people .​
After all,​ their expertise is​ in​ real estate and they may not be very tech savvy .​
On the​ contrary,​ there are online real estate services that make email marketing a​ cakewalk for virtually anyone.
When looking for an​ online email marketing service,​ choose one that can help you​ create emails,​ manage your contact lists,​ and obtain tracking reports .​
Essentially,​ you​ should be able to​ send your first email marketing piece in​ less than an​ hour .​
The best services have wizards that allow you​ to,​ for example,​ put together email newsletters using a​ Web interface and on​ a​ single screen .​
Templates and click-and-drag functionality allow you​ to​ easily arrange text,​ upload photos,​ and instantly see what your recipients will see when they receive your email .​
Once you've sent your emails or​ newsletters,​ the​ service should enable you​ to​ track the​ results,​ telling you​ how many emails you​ sent,​ how many bounced back,​ how many people opened the​ email,​ how many clicked on​ the​ links,​ and how many forwarded it​ on​ to​ others .​
There's little doubt that real estate email marketing is​ a​ cutting edge tool that helps push your message into the​ inboxes of​ potential buyers .​
And in​ today's competitive environment,​ it's an​ advantage you​ can't afford to​ be without.

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