Real Darts For Computer Geeks

Real Darts For Computer Geeks

Are you computer geek? Tired of​ playing games on​ the​ screen? Play real darts but still use the​ hi-tech software to​ rule the​ game!

Stop sitting in​ front of​ the​ computer and get a​ real physical challenge with the​ game of​ darts. Train your eye and exercise marksmanship in​ the​ real world,​ compete with real people and track your progress with a​ powerful gadget. Darts CLUB software keeps track of​ your performance and the​ performance of​ other players when playing real darts. Every game and every throw are accounted for. Who's the​ best player out of​ your company? Who's the​ best overall? Who's progress is​ faster,​ and what is​ your best throw? Darts CLUB provides honest answers to​ these and many more questions that serious darts players are asking all the​ time.

Darts CLUB keeps an​ eye on​ the​ players and their throws. Applauding the​ good throws and calmly ignoring the​ unlucky ones,​ Darts CLUB calculates the​ average darts score for every player.

Are you close to​ finish? Darts CLUB will recommend the​ next throw for the​ most effective going-out! the​ difficult part of​ the​ game of​ darts is​ the​ finish. You must zero your points before your opponent does it,​ but you can't go below zero and you must hit a​ double with the​ last throw. Complicated enough for a​ human being,​ but not to​ a​ computer empowered with a​ smart program! Darts CLUB is​ a​ darts scorer that will give you darts tips on​ exactly what targets to​ hit and in​ what order to​ win the​ game with the​ remaining points. if​ you miss a​ throw,​ it'll recalculate your strategy and still give you chances.

Do you and your friends have to​ be computer geeks to​ use the​ darts scorer during the​ contests? Darts CLUB interface is​ so simple while the​ results are so powerful that even non-geeks can use the​ program with great success! the​ darts software draws a​ darts target that looks exactly like the​ original. All you need to​ do is​ telling the​ players' names and clicking the​ spot hit with a​ real dart on​ a​ real target,​ and Darts CLUB will do the​ rest.

Darts CLUB can be easily used in​ popular clubs thanks to​ unlimited size of​ the​ player database. It'll still keep the​ statistics,​ show the​ best players and the​ best throws,​ and keep track of​ the​ progress for every player. Full avatar support allows assigning a​ picture to​ each player for making perfectly looking champion charts.

Convinced already or​ want a​ real proof? Get a​ copy of​ Darts CLUB at​ and get real with the​ game of​ darts!

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