Read About Bingo Games And Versions

Read About Bingo Games And Versions

Bingo is​ a​ very old game played since long time. in​ many countries like UK,​ the​ game was initially known as​ housie. Until this date,​ it​ is​ referred to​ as​ such in​ India. Bingo game was usually played in​ church for fund raising and in​ private party or​ some other public hall. Bingo is​ derived from the​ Italian Lottery,​ ‘Lo Giucco del Lotto D’Italia’. it​ was the​ Italian National Lottery begun in​ year 1530. This very famous casino game spread across the​ continent and finally reached America.

The casino game developed in​ different ways in​ United Kingdom and United States. the​ bingo game is​ based on​ ninety numbers in​ United Kingdom. it​ is​ played on​ a​ rectangular matrices made of​ nine columns and three rows. Each vertical column has a​ range of​ ten numbers. the​ bingo tickets have five numbers on​ each row. the​ regular bingo games play for one line,​ two and three lines. the​ three lines are played as​ special bingo game with the​ three lines Cover All. it​ is​ also known as​ housie.

When the​ bingo came to​ America it​ was restructured by toy salesman Edwin Lowe into a​ seventy five number game. it​ is​ played on​ a​ five number by five number square matrices with the​ letters of​ the​ word bingo across the​ top. Each vertical column has five numbers out of​ a​ range of​ fifteen numbers with the​ middle space of​ the​ N column designated as​ a​ free space. This allows it​ to​ be used to​ fill in​ for any N number in​ the​ making of​ a​ bingo. the​ regular bingo game consists of​ a​ vertical,​ horizontal and diagonal line patterns. it​ is​ also played for the​ four corners if​ the​ house rules allow. Special bingo games can be for a​ variety of​ bingo patterns which the​ square nature of​ the​ matrices allows or​ for a​ Cover All. the​ American bingo version allows for more variety than the​ British bingo version.

Popularity of​ bingo game increases day by day. There is​ lots of​ casino bingo web site which offers play live casino games and tournament with large cash rewards. Also offers online community club and live chat rooms for UK casinos players. Internet bingo gambling portal offers varieties of​ casino bingo games. Many online bingo sites offer 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games with big cash prizes.

The best bingo sites offer virtual bingo promotion and gambling reviews. Online casino gambling portal offers downloadable software to​ make online bingo more realistic and exciting. Internet bingo sites offer 24 x 7 playing environment for gambling enthusiasts. They offer bingo games with large progressive jackpot. Internet bingo games are very popular in​ United Kingdom where a​ large number of​ players go online to​ play Internet bingo free or​ for cash. UK online bingo halls are very popular on​ the​ Net.

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