Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

The problem with people who want to​ lose weight is​ that they're overly ambitious. This desire to​ lose a​ massive amount of​ weight can only lead to​ quitting early and big disappointments.

When it​ comes to​ creating weight loss goals,​ start first by creating a​ long term goal. Each goal you set should have mini-goals within it. This will keep you motivated and will serve as​ a​ barometer to​ your progress.

Here's an​ example weight loss goal chart. the​ main goal can be divided into smaller goals,​ and then once again into even smaller goals which are descriptive and easy to​ accomplish.

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Main Goal: Lose enough weight so I can fit into my old pants within the​ next 6 months.

Goal #1. Reduce the​ amount of​ food I eat.

Goal #1a. Decrease the​ amount of​ junk food I eat. Don't super-size it​ anymore. Order the​ small fries instead of​ the​ large fries. Order the​ smaller burger and chew it​ slowly.
Goal #1b. Order water,​ lemonade or​ Sprite instead of​ Pepsi.
Goal #1c. When going to​ a​ restaurant,​ eat only until I'm no longer hungry,​ and take the​ rest home to​ eat the​ next day.

Goal #2. Learn to​ exercise more.

Goal #2a. Take the​ steps at​ a​ mall or​ to​ my work,​ instead of​ taking the​ elevator all the​ time.
Goal #2b. Park a​ few parking spots further away when going to​ the​ grocery store.
Goal #2c. Whenever I get out of​ bed or​ from lying down on​ a​ couch,​ do 2-3 mini sit-ups to​ lift myself upwards.

Goal #3. Watch what I eat.

Goal #3a. Begin counting the​ total calories I take in​ by writing the​ totals in​ a​ weight loss diary.
Goal #3b. Assure that I reduce my total fat or​ cholesterol intake to​ not exceed the​ amount listed in​ the​ nutritional facts on​ the​ side of​ every food product.

Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

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