Raising Your Dog Important Steps To Take From 6 Weeks To 2 Months Of Age

Raising Your Dog Important Steps To Take From 6 Weeks To 2 Months Of Age

Physically,​ this is​ the​ full weaning period. at​ the​ beginning,​ the​ puppy is​ being nourished half by nursing and half by feeding. at​ 2 months the​ process is​ completed,​ and he can leave his mother. Between 6 and 8 weeks is​ a​ good time for ear-cropping,​ if​ necessary by the​ vet. He is​ growing rapidly in​ size and strength but still he cannot control his natural functions,​ although he instinctively urinates in​ the​ same spot,​ away from the​ nest.

His nervous system,​ however is​ fully mature. His reactions are quicker and he needs more exercise. He starts to​ follow people around,​ seeking company and attention. Now is​ the​ time to​ give him a​ small rubber ball to​ chase,​ and to​ start playing simple games with him.

Psychologically,​ his personality begins to​ unfold and individual traits of​ character appear. an​ attentive owner can help by giving each puppy the​ type of​ handling best suited to​ his temperament,​ which is​ apt to​ remain the​ same. This is​ considered the​ critical "socialization" period,​ during which human contacts are vital in​ order to​ avoid man-shyness later on. But canine contacts are important too,​ for without them the​ puppy may become so human-oriented that he will be unsociable with other dogs.

What he needs most at​ this time is​ constant supervision,​ human companionship,​ lots of​ play,​ love,​ and lots of​ sleep. at​ this stage he also needs a​ name,​ a​ few toys,​ an​ official "bathroom",​ leash training,​ and lots of​ patience!

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