Puppy Training Good Doggie

Puppy Training Good Doggie

Puppies are cute cuddly and so full of​ life throughout the​ infancy stage. it​ is​ at​ this time when puppy training is​ vital - because believe it​ or​ not these cute cuddly little characters can cause so much havoc in​ the​ home - with their outbursts of​ action packed antics all brought on​ by excitement.

Fun it​ may be at​ the​ time but when you​ waken to​ find the​ remains of​ a​ chewed slipper- scratch marks on​ the​ furniture and puppy poo to​ mark the​ pup`s presence then it​ is​ time for an​ obedience check

How do you​ go about house training a​ puppy - simple the​ same as​ you​ would potty train a​ baby? Yes your right it​ will take time and patience but all worthwhile in​ the​ end. to​ be honest the​ whole process of​ puppy training can be quite fulfilling as​ well as​ fun. There will be times when you​ may get frustrated throughout the​ process but just the​ fact that you​ have accomplished what others would see as​ impossible is​ an​ achievement in​ its self. to​ have an​ obedient dog standing at​ the​ side of​ its master (you) will make you​ proud to​ be the​ canines owner. Even evening walks are so much more enjoyable with an​ obedient dog.

You have to​ think about safety for yourself and that of​ your pooch if​ they are not trained. Dangers by the​ roadside and where children are concerned - have to​ be a​ couple of​ vital factors why puppy training is​ important.
Puppies need to​ use the​ bathroom regular sometimes as​ much as​ up to​ 8 to​ 10 visits a​ day - this gradually lessons to​ about 3 to​ four times at​ 30 weeks old. Our liittle four legged friends are clean animals but still need nurturing with correction lessons teaching them right from wrong.

If you​ are going to​ kennel/crate train the​ puppy then build the​ shelter to​ accommodate the​ size of​ the​ dog to​ have comfort. Section the​ kennel in​ half while the​ puppy is​ small and as​ he/she begins to​ grow then remove the​ partition. By not splitting the​ shelter in​ two the​ pup may decide to​ go to​ the​ back of​ the​ crate and leave their mark there.

The kennel/crate should be big enough to​ permit the​ dog to​ stand easily and stretch. as​ long as​ the​ dog can manoeuvre around then that is​ all that matters.
Timing is​ crucial when puppy training - have a​ doggie diary with a​ schedule of​ times and adhere to​ them. Work this pattern around what is​ best suited for you​ and your dog

For example: 10 to​ 10:30 am. lead the​ puppy from the​ enclosure outside and always keep to​ the​ same spot every day. the​ puppy will get used to​ this allotted space and in​ time will make his or​ her own way there. Remember puppies are like babies they need feeding. Times for this is​ best after the​ first morning release - approx about 30 minutes. a​ little later let the​ puppy out for a​ friendly romp in​ the​ garden for a​ play without commands.

Leading the​ puppy from the​ kennel is​ an​ action you​ have to​ repeat over and over again at​ the​ scheduled times you​ have logged in​ your doggie diary.
Before retiring to​ blanket street take the​ puppy outside again and let them have a​ little time to​ investigate and nosey around - in​ other words sniffing every nook and cranny.

If you​ are serious with this practice then the​ puppy`s needs have to​ be checked again around 3 am in​ the​ morning. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ have a​ catchphrase for the​ pup to​ relate to. Words like (want to​ poo poo) will do the​ trick.
When your puppy is​ at​ your side and obeying your commands it​ is​ then you​ will know why that famous saying came about - GOOD DOGGIE.

Puppy Training Good Doggie

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