Puggles And Designer Dogs The Truth About Puggles

Puggle Dogs are a​ fairly new mixed breed. They’re a​ half breed combined with a​ pug and a​ beagle. They are one of​ the​ cutest mix breed dogs out there today. They have a​ very mellow,​ loving temperament. Puggles are ideal family pets,​ because they do so well with young children. They’re all around lovable,​ and not normally a​ one person dog as​ are pugs.

Puggles become attached to​ anyone that will give them the​ time of​ day and feed them. This breed is​ also very easily trained. This makes it​ great for that always terrible training period in​ a​ young pups life. Anyone that has experienced raising a​ dog from infancy knows that you​ go through a​ period of​ potty training. Some dogs are better than others during this stage.

Some breeds are very easily trained and you​ never have much of​ a​ problem with them,​ while others are not always so. The Puggle Dogs learn to​ obey commands well,​ while many breeds never seem to​ grasp this key concept. This makes the​ chewing stage a​ little more easy to​ cope with as​ well. They will most certainly go through that chewing stage like any puppy,​ but they seem to​ learn the​ word “no” very well,​ and obey commands earlier than most.

Puggles don’t posses the​ eye’s that pop out or​ the​ completely flat noses that make breathing often times difficult for the​ pug. They seem to​ be the​ perfect cross between two dogs with several flaws. They also don’t have the​ miserable howl,​ like beagles do.

Puggle Dog
They’ve got the​ perfect combination of​ good looks and great characteristics. All this combined is​ the​ ingredients of​ the​ perfect companion. There are so many breeds of​ dog out there today,​ that it​ can be hard to​ choose the​ one for you. as​ time goes on​ there is​ continually more and more breeds being discovered and created.

The​ first known breed of​ dogs stemmed primarily from the​ wolf in​ the​ northwest region. In​ Egypt one of​ the​ first dogs was the​ basenji. The​ basenji is​ a​ compact hunter whose ancestry is​ depicted in​ Egyptian tombs dating around 5,​000 years old.

The​ basenji Dog
The​ interesting thing about this dog is​ that it​ doesn’t bark. It​ makes little chortles and yodels,​ and snarls. This dog,​ like the​ wolf can only be bred once a​ year. Most dogs can be bred twice a​ year.

Here are a​ few of​ the​ older breeds known to​ man:

• Saluki
• Afghan Hound
• St Bernard
• Alaskan Malamute
• Lhasa Apso

Many modern day cross breed dogs stemmed from one or​ more of​ these older dogs.
After these dogs came some more breeds that pushed the​ evolution of​ dogs a​ litter further.

They are as​ follows:

• Miniature Poodle
• Pembroke Welsh Corgi
• Mountain Cur
• Australian Shepherd

And so began the​ cross bred dog. Some say that cross breed dogs are not a​ good thing. They believe that these designer dogs are a​ fashion statement to​ many. in​ turn,​ this excludes all other breeds from having homes. the​ majority of​ people nowadays want some sort of​ cross breed.

Whether it​ be a​ puggle (pug & beagle mix),​ a​ labradoodle (Labrador retriever & Poodle mix),​ or​ a​ Schoodle (Miniature Schnauzer-Poodle mix). Many dog owners argue that these mixed breeds aren’t a​ real breed,​ merely overpriced mutts. Many press the​ point that before you​ go buying a​ designer dog to​ go down to​ the​ local shelter and see what’s available.

Although these mixed breed dogs are adorable,​ you​ don’t always have to​ pay that designer price. Often times these mixed breeds can be found at​ shelters as​ well,​ and for less than half the​ price! There are hundreds to​ thousands of​ dogs each year that are homeless,​ and are taken to​ these animal shelters in​ hopes of​ finding homes for them. Just because they aren’t a​ purebred mix doesn’t mean they won’t be the​ best companion ever! the​ puggle is​ a​ recognized purebred mix.

a​ man by the​ name of​ Gary Garner is​ the​ president of​ the​ American Canine Hybrid Club. His company offers certificates of​ authentication for a​ mere price of​ $20. These are available to​ anyone who can prove that they are owners of​ the​ offspring of​ two different breed purebred dogs. He gets letters upon letters of​ hate mail coming from many purebred owners. Although this seems to​ angry many,​ hundreds are getting this done every day.

The best piece of​ advice for anyone considering getting a​ dog as​ a​ pet,​ is​ to​ do the​ research. Research each dog you​ think you​ may want,​ and compare them to​ one another. Here are a​ few key things to​ consider when shopping for the​ breed that’s right for you:

• Size?
• Easily trainable?
• Shedding? (little,​ average,​ constant.)
• Coat? (Wire,​ thick,​ long,​ short,​ etc.)
• Grooming? (weekly,​ daily,​ moderate.)
• Aggressive characteristics?
• Family dog?
• Good with everyone,​ or​ one man dog?
• Common characteristic habits with this breed?
• Health issues common to​ breed?

Many celebrities have taken a​ liking to​ the​ puggle as​ well. Here are a​ few new owners of​ the​ breed; Jake Gyllenhaal,​ James Gandolfini,​ Sylvester Stallone and Julianne Moore.

Anyone who discovers this new furry friend can’t control the​ urge to​ get one of​ their own. Time to​ get out there and find the​ perfect breed for you! Oh wait,​ you​ already found it…….The PUGGLE!
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