Psp Games How To Download Psp Games From The Internet

Psp Games How To Download Psp Games From The Internet

PSP Games - How To Download PSP Games From the​ Internet
In today's video game market you have to​ pay quite a​ bit of​ money to​ get the​ brand new cutting edge video game systems like the​ PS3,​ XBox 360 and even the​ Sony PSP,​ I​ am talking major money anywhere from $300 to​ $500 dollars then on​ top of​ that you have to​ buy the​ expensive games that can be $50 to​ $60 dollars,​ just ridiculous prices.
With all this money,​ it​ is​ pretty hard to​ keep up and get the​ newest games and or​ systems,​ so I​ decide to​ do some homework on​ trying to​ find an​ alternate way of​ getting games for my PSP .​
Well it​ didn't take long for me to​ cut down on​ the​ cost of​ buying games for my PSP,​ in​ fact,​ now I​ get all my PSP games for free.
Have you been having trouble learning how to​ download games on​ your PSP? It is​ really easy to​ learn how .​
Here's how to​ do it​ in​ 6 easy steps.
1.) Get a​ Memory Stick
You are going to​ need a​ lot of​ free space .​
The original 32 MB stick just won’t cut it .​
How can you download games or​ watch movies on​ 32 MBs?! I​ would recommend 256 Megs of​ free space.
2.) Download PSP game files to​ your computer
Make sure you aren’t downloading shareware but full games .​
Once you download the​ games you want to​ your computer,​ you are able to​ transfer them to​ your PSP.
3.) Decompress the​ file
If the​ games are compressed in​ a​ ZIP file,​ you will need a​ free program like Winzip or​ Stuffit Expander (Mac) to​ decompress the​ file .​
These programs will automatically unzip the​ file.
4.) Connect your PSP to​ your computer
Now,​ how do we​ play the​ games? To be able to​ play the​ games,​ you must connect the​ PSP to​ your computer (duh) .​
You should use the​ free USB cable that the​ PSP comes with .​
The PSP must be in​ USB mode for the​ files to​ download .​
How to​ do this? Press the​ HOME button and scroll to​ the​ SETTINGS column .​
Scroll to​ USB CONNECTION and press X .​
Then you are ready for file transfer.
5.) Copy the​ PSP Game to​ your PSP
You have to​ copy the​ full game to​ PSP > Game .​
If you do not put the​ game in​ this folder,​ it​ will certainly not work.
6.) Play the​ game
I know it​ sounds to​ good to​ be true,​ but believe me when I​ say this is​ the​ real deal .​
It is​ 100% legal and extremely easy,​ all you have to​ do is​ download the​ PSP games from your computer onto your PSP and start playing .​
There are literally thousands of​ PSP games that are available to​ download,​ but you have to​ be care as​ there are a​ lot of​ sites out there that will really mess with your computer with adware and spyware.

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