Ps2 Game Rentals The Best Places To Rent Ps2 Games

PS2 Game Rentals – the​ Best Places to​ Rent PS2 Games
Renting video games has never been so appealing as​ it​ does in​ this day in​ age .​
Many video game rental clubs offer PS2 game rentals,​ amongst many other console games,​ to​ the​ public for one low monthly price .​
Today,​ we​ will be investigating into which rental clubs offer the​ best quality and selection when it​ comes to​ your favorite PS2 games.
As of​ 2006,​ there are 3 online video game rental companies that stand out amongst the​ rest of​ the​ pack .​
If your into video gaming,​ you might have heard of​ them .​
Gottaplay,​ GameFly,​ and Intelliflix are currently our nations leading chain of​ video game rentals .​
Below,​ we​ will be evaluating each of​ the​ 3 companies when it​ comes to​ PS2 game renting.
PS2 Game Rental Reviews
Gottaplay PS2 Rentals
Gottaplay rental company is​ fast becoming one of​ the​ hottest online video game rental companies in​ the​ US,​ trailing right next to​ GameFly .​
They are the​ first online company of​ their kind that offers phone support to​ all their customers,​ along with a​ massive game selection .​
Gottaplay has a​ large selection of​ PS2 games within their arsenal .​
Here are some of​ the​ stats that we​ came up with when reviewing this company
1 .​
PS2 Game Selection : Roughly 700 PS2 titles
2 .​
New Release Titles: All new releases were available as​ soon as​ they hit the​ local stores .​
Roughly around 75 new releases at​ the​ time of​ publishing this article .​
3 .​
Classic Game Titles : Many PS2 classics were included such as​ Resident Evil,​ Devil May Cry,​ and other great titles of​ the​ past,​ present and future .​
4 .​
Hard-to-Find Games : Many games that we​ never even knew about were included within their selection .​
If you want to​ play a​ game with little or​ no popularity,​ Gottaplay has this covered as​ well .​
5 .​
PS3 Titles- Gottaplay will carry the​ most current PS3 titles once released .​
GameFly PS2 Rentals
GameFly has been the​ online leader within the​ video game rental realm for quite some time .​
With a​ large selection of​ game rentals available reaching at​ over 5,​000 titles,​ this company doesn't seem to​ be losing its edge when it​ comes to​ what they do best .​
One thing is​ for sure,​ when it​ comes to​ PS2 rentals,​ they cover the​ market with quality and selection .​
Lets take a​ better look:
1 .​
PS2 Game Selection : Roughly 800 PS2 titles
2 .​
New Release Titles: New releases are always available .​
Roughly around 60 new releases at​ this current time.
3 .​
Classic Game Titles : Many PS2 classics are included,​ but the​ selection is​ not quite as​ comprehensive as​ Gottaplay's.
4 .​
Hard-to-Find Games : With their large diverse selection of​ PS2 titles,​ hard to​ find games were easily found within their database .​
You'll find a​ great selection of​ when did this come out type of​ games .​
5 .​
PS3 Titles- GameFly will be one of​ the​ first rental companies to​ stock PS3 games once available .​
Intelliflix PS2 Rentals
Intelliflix is​ looking to​ cover a​ wide variety of​ markets including movies,​ video games,​ and adult movies .​
Although they do cover a​ large area of​ rentals,​ they do not dominate within any particular market .​
Their plans are great for families that would like a​ one-stop-shop type of​ policy .​
When it​ comes to​ PS2 renting,​ they do carry a​ great selection of​ newer games,​ although their game selection isn't nearly as​ comprehensive as​ the​ other two mentioned above .​
They are still worth their weight in​ gold and worth mentioning for any PS2 game fanatic .​
Here is​ what we​ dug up.
1 .​
PS2 Game Selection : Roughly 475 PS2 titles
2 .​
New Release Titles: New releases are always available .​
Roughly around 50 new releases currently .​
3 .​
Classic Game Titles : There were a​ few PS2 classics available,​ but this company mainly focuses on​ their newer game titles .​
If your highly fond of​ classic PS2 titles,​ you may want to​ try GameFly or​ Gottaplay .​
4 .​
Hard-to-Find Games : There were a​ few scattered hard-to-find titles located within their database .​
5 .​
PS3 Titles- Intelliflix will also carry PS3 titles once released .​
I​ think any company serious about game rentals will have these titles covered.

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