Protect Your Dog From These Preventable Threats

Protect Your Dog From These Preventable Threats

Owning a​ dog is​ one of​ the​ most rewarding experiences a​ person can have in​ their lifetime,​ but having a​ dog is​ much more than the​ occasional walk around the​ block or​ playing fetch in​ the​ yard. There are many other responsibilities that one must consider in​ order to​ be a​ good dog owner. Your dog’s health is​ a​ major concern to​ any good pet owner and in​ this article we will concentrate on​ some preventable threats to​ your pet.

As winter ends and spring starts,​ so do different types of​ threats to​ your dog. Obviously,​ as​ the​ weather starts getting nicer,​ your pet spends more time outdoors and is​ more susceptible to​ the​ these threats. it​ is​ important to​ be alert for ticks,​ mosquitoes and micro organisms that spread diseases that are harmful to​ your dog’s health. Ticks normally live in​ wooded areas or​ in​ tall brush and do not transmit bacteria through the​ air,​ but by biting the​ dog. Some other threats are summarized below:

Lyme disease- is​ a​ tick-borne bacterial disease and it​ can cause lameness,​ kidney damage and death.

Leptospirosis- this is​ the​ #1 cause of​ acute renal failure,​ “lepto” is​ a​ deadly bacterial disease that is​ spread by contact with urine from other pets,​ wildlife and livestock and can be transmitted from dogs to​ people.

Rabies- is​ a​ fatal viral disease transmitted by saliva most often through bite wounds and is​ a​ threat to​ both humans and animals.

Heartworm Disease- is​ a​ mosquito-borne disease that is​ preventable and attacks multiple organs and will cause death if​ untreated.

As a​ dog owner,​ there are many things you​ can do to​ minimize the​ risk to​ your pet. Brush your dog often and visually inspect your animal especially after an​ outing in​ the​ woods. Additionally,​ use tick and flea treatments and medications that your veterinarian recommends to​ kill these harmful pests. Furthermore,​ your veterinarian can suggest how to​ protect your pet from lyme disease through vaccination.

There is​ another important factor in​ taking care of​ your dog: twice-a-year wellness exams. you​ see,​ dogs age faster than we do and major health changes can occur in​ a​ short amount of​ time. Moreover,​ your dog is​ living longer,​ which increases the​ chance of​ potentially serious illnesses during their lifetime.

These wellness exams can help your veterinarian diagnose,​ treat or​ prevent problems before they become life threatening. Additionally,​ these exams allow the​ veterinarian to​ discuss nutrition,​ your dog’s behavior or​ other concerns you​ may have.

In return for all this attention,​ your dog will reciprocate with unconditional love,​ friendship and affection. Try to​ educate yourself to​ protect your dog from these and other harmful threats. if​ we were to​ think in​ terms of​ finances,​ what a​ wonderful return on​ your investment!

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