Pros And Cons Of Email Marketing

Pros And Cons Of Email Marketing

Advantages Of Email Marketing
Marketing through email is​ a​ very effective method to​ communicate with your customers .​
Generally it​ is​ very economical,​ and if​ properly done,​ can help create brand identification and dependability.

At an​ average of​ just a​ few centavos cost per message,​ it​ is​ definitely a​ great bargain in​ contrast to​ traditional direct mail .​
Furthermore,​ email marketing has a​ strong response rate which ranges from 5-35 percent depending on​ industry type and format .​
One advantage of​ marketing email is​ the​ amount of​ information that clients supply when registering for your subscription email .​
By learning who your clients really are,​ including their gender,​ age,​ income and specially their special interests,​ you​ can target your services and products to​ accommodate their needs .​
Advantages of​ email marketing:
1 .​
Brings in​ interested audiences .​
Your offer can reach prospect clients that already have conveyed interest to​ your topic.
2 .​
Cost effective .​
Compared to​ all other methods of​ direct marketing,​ significantly,​ email marketing is​ much less expensive .​
3 .​
Fast and effective .​
Conventional direct marketing methods,​ like direct mail,​ take up a​ lot time to​ make and execute .​
Then,​ you​ still have to​ wait for another few months to​ evaluate the​ results so to​ verify success .​
In permission or​
opt-in email marketing,​ promotions can be implemented in​ just days with outcome traceable in​ actual time,​ providing you​ with instant and direct feedback as​ your campaign or​ promotion is​ in​ its development stage .​
4 .​
Responses are high .​
Generally,​ permission or​ opt-in email campaigns brings about higher response rates compared traditional direct ad promotion or​ even other kinds of​ online promotion or​ advertising .​
Not like a​ website,​ wherein an​ internet user has to​ memorize the​ web address as​ well as​ remember and visit,​ an​ email ezine or​ newsletter regularly appears at​ certain intervals with no effort from your client .​
Over a​ certain period,​ it​ strengthens your perceived capability,​ educates your recipients regarding their demand for your products and services,​ then makes you​ their choice of​ provider when your recipients finally decides that it​ is​ time to​ employ someone .​
Downloadable pieces such as​ ebooks are accessible instantly .​
For instance,​ when you​ are offering prospect clients an​ ebook with helpful information,​ by just visiting your website,​ click on​ your landing page and fill up details and in​ just minutes,​ your ebook is​ downloaded.
5 .​
Email can perform tasks automatically .​
Autoresponders are practical and inexpensive and can be set on​ auto pilot to​ send specific information and reports to​ your recipients through email .​
Autoresponders send emails automatically back to​ whomever that sent you​ email regarding information on​ the​ products or​ services that you​ offer.
Now your prospects obtain the​ information that they are asking regarding your business,​ your services and products for twenty-four hours everyday and yes,​ seven days in​ a​ week,​ without any individual to​ follow-up on​ each lead .​
Disadvantages of​ email marketing:
1 .​
Today,​ with the​ arrival of​ spam,​ email can be a​ poor environment to​ deal with .​
This means that prospects are mainly searching their email for particular messages from friends,​ family and colleagues then,​ all else is​ banned .​
However thanks to​ anti-spam programs and email servers that filters spam messages into the​ bulk folder .​
Take into consideration though,​ that some of​ emails can possibly be filtered to​ the​ spam folder when not permitted by the​ recipient .​
2 .​
Email messages need to​ be short .​
Prospects want quick and to​ the​ point information .​
Therefore a​ lengthy copy is​ definitely out .​
Complicated offers certainly are out .​
So are supporting arguments and facts .​

3 .​
Emails restrain your creativity .​
All text is​ quite boring and with email massages,​ text is​ the​ most essential part .​
you​ can not even create creative messages as​ your recipients demand straight to​ the​ point advertisements or​ reports .​
Several small online businesses presume that the​ web has very little worth to​ them since they believe that their services or​ products cannot be sold easily online .​
However they are yet to​ discover the​ power of​ cost-effective information processing as​ well as​ electronic media or​ email can benefit most small online businesses supply faster and better communication and customer service .​
Anybody can promote their website,​ advertise their products and get their ideas out simply using by the​ Email as​ the​ channel of​ delivering and making their message known to​ the​ world.

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