Proper Weight Training May Enhance The Quality Of Life

Proper Weight Training May Enhance The Quality Of Life

Proper Weighttraining May Enhance the​ Quality of​ Life
Weight training or​ resistance training is​ one of​ the​ most common means to​ improve ones health and physique. People who lift weights aim to​ lose unwanted pounds and gain muscle mass. Weight training also develops strength,​ endurance,​ nervetomuscle coordination,​ and helps prevent osteoporosis. During weight training,​ the​ body burns calories while toning and firming a​ persons muscles.
Weight lifting can also be used as​ a​ therapy for stress and anxiety. Research shows that when people undergo strenuous activity,​ the​ body excretes a​ substance called endorphin. These endorphins,​ short for endogenous morphins,​ are the​ bodys natural pain killers. Endorphins are released when the​ body is​ engaged in​ activities of​ moderate to​ high levels of​ intensity. the​ substance makes a​ person experience moments of​ relaxation interspersed with elation,​ which some health experts call the​ runners high. Endorphins make people high and happy. Research also shows that people who exercise regularly have more energy and better selfesteem.
Doctors,​ however,​ warn that weightlifting and other physical activities should be done properly to​ avoid unwanted effects. Improper weight training,​ overstressing the​ back muscles,​ or​ failure to​ perform warmups may cause lower back pain that may lead to​ serious back injuries. a​ recent study led by Dr. Geraldo Magela Vieira of​ Brazil revealed that weightlifting may increase the​ risk of​ glucoma,​ an eyesightthreatening condition. Vieira and his team of​ researchers found out that lifting heavy weights was linked to​ a​ brief increase in​ pressure within the​ eye. This takes place when a​ weightlifter holds his or​ her breath when performing bench presses and lifting too much weights. Health experts advise weight lifters to​ perform sets using light weights and do many repetitions instead of​ heavy sets with few repetitions. Many individuals think that lifting more weight is​ the​ key to​ attain a​ finely shaped body. But experts claim that lifting light weights properly using proper techniques may play a​ big role in​ improving ones physique.
Health specialists also add that weightlifting and other strenuous activities should be done in​ moderation. Men who overtrain experience fatigue which temporarily reduces sperm count and quality. This happens because the​ body literally kills itself during training. the​ resting period according to​ health experts is​ as​ important as​ the​ training period because the​ body needs to​ recuperate to​ attain normal cell development. Fatigue may reduce the​ level of​ hormones in​ the​ bloodstream that affects sperm production. Training properly and devising a​ proper training program may help develop muscles and avoid overtraining.
There are many reasons why people undergo weighttraining. From weightloss,​ to​ toning,​ improving posture,​ and building bulk. People who exercise and lift weights regularly have a​ more positive outlook and are happier overall compared to​ their inactive counterparts. However,​ regardless of​ how and why people perform exercises,​ exercise should not only improve physical health,​ but also mental health. Utilizing the​ physical and psychological benefits weight lifting and exercise may help enhance ones quality of​ life.

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