Professional Help With Your Computer May Be Cheaper Than You Think

Professional Help With Your Computer May Be Cheaper Than You Think

Professional Help with Your Computer May Be Cheaper Than You Think
We all deal with them,​ those little computer problems that aren’t quite big enough to​ warrant a​ call to​ the​ Computer Guy .​
You know,​ like every once in​ a​ while your camera won’t transfer its pictures the​ right way .​
Or like the​ times when all of​ a​ sudden your computer shuts down for no apparent reason and with no warning whatsoever .​
Don’t forget those odd Run Time Errors with the​ crazy numbers in​ them .​
I​ love those .​
The worst part is,​ you could probably fix some of​ these things yourself if​ you just had a​ little help or​ guidance .​
Calling a​ professional,​ while sometimes necessary,​ can be both a​ greater inconvenience and of​ course a​ greater cost .​
It may take forever to​ contact them,​ and when you do get in​ touch with the​ help desk,​ they always make you reboot the​ thing twelve times before you get any real advice.
Let me be clear on​ a​ couple things before we​ continue .​
First,​ I​ am a​ professional computer technician and have been working in​ the​ industry for over 15 years .​
There are numerous occasions where a​ professional is​ needed to​ help with or​ repair your PC .​
It is​ often my advice to​ have your system evaluated at​ least one every three months .​
On top of​ that,​ there are many things a​ novice should not try on​ their PC for fear of​ causing more harm than good .​
Not everything is​ this way though.
I’ve said it​ before and I’ll say it​ again .​
Your best way to​ help maintain your computer is​ by staying informed and educated .​
I’m not suggesting everyone run out and get a​ Computer Science degree,​ but I​ am suggesting you use some of​ the​ top notch free resources that are available to​ you .​
the​ largest these days is​ of​ course the​ internet.
Don’t get nervous yet,​ I’m not suggesting you look up some super hi-tech article and study it​ until you know it​ inside and out .​
You don’t have to​ .​
the​ net is​ full of​ people who already understand these things and are more than willing to​ pass some of​ that understanding on​ to​ you .​
They do this in​ forums.
Forums are a​ wonderful thing .​
a​ lot of​ forums are actual cyber communities of​ people who love to​ talk about various topics .​
They have people of​ varying skill sets,​ all interacting in​ a​ friendly supportive way .​
I​ know there’s a​ free computer support forum out there with people in​ it​ just waiting to​ answer some of​ your questions.
So next time those pop ups are driving you crazy,​ and you can’t reach your favorite help desk,​ stop by a​ computer support forum .​
You’ll be surprised at​ how good an​ experience it​ can be.

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