Problem Solving Games For Groups

Problem Solving Games For Groups

Problem solving games are a​ natural when you want brain exercise and fun. Some of​ the​ best problem solving games can be played as​ a​ group. the​ added element of​ competition and "showing off" can stimulate some truly creative ideas. These games are especially good for long trips in​ a​ car,​ or​ for bored kids trapped inside by bad weather.

Best Ideas Game

This game uses a​ problem solving technique called "random presentation,​" and might even lead to​ some good money-making ideas. First,​ have someone look out the​ window or​ around the​ room and choose any object at​ random. Don't put any restrictions on​ this. it​ can be a​ rock on​ the​ side of​ the​ road,​ a​ stick laying in​ the​ yard,​ a​ truck,​ or​ anything at​ all.

Now everyone in​ the​ car or​ room can try to​ come up with the​ best way to​ make money with the​ chosen object. a​ street sign becomes a​ place to​ advertise,​ and trees are to​ be sold door-to-door. a​ truck can be used in​ a​ hundred ways to​ make money,​ but look for the​ best new way for the​ sake of​ the​ game maybe a​ traveling grocery store?

There is​ no winner or​ loser in​ this game. it​ is​ just an​ opportunity to​ let your imagination run wild,​ and to​ exercise your creativity. You may get a​ few laughs out of​ it​ too.

Concept Combination Game

Another good problem solving game for a​ group involves using a​ specific creative thinking technique,​ called "concept combination." You basically take two concepts or​ objects and combine them in​ some novel way. as​ a​ group game,​ the​ point is​ just to​ see who has the​ best idea.

What can you come up with from the​ combination of​ a​ chair and a​ microwave? Perhaps an​ easy-chair that has a​ cooler and microwave and television built in. or​ microwaveable "couch potatoes" - a​ potato snack in​ the​ shape of​ a​ couch.

Change of​ Perspective Game

You can also try the​ "change of​ perspective" technique for problem solving games. One way is​ to​ just take a​ topic ranging from morality to​ having a​ job,​ and see who can come up with the​ most unique (and perhaps coherent) new perspective? Could there be a​ world where there were no jobs? What would morality be to​ a​ virus if​ it​ had consciousness?

Once again,​ there are no losers in​ this game,​ or​ any of​ these types of​ games. it​ is​ just a​ chance to​ get creative and work that mind power. You could vote on​ the​ best idea if​ you want some sort of​ score keeping,​ but either way you'll enjoy these problem solving games.

Problem Solving Games For Groups

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