Pro Hockey Games That Are Not On Television And The Cost Of Maintaining Teams

Pro Hockey Games That Are Not On Television And The Cost Of Maintaining

Pro Hockey Games That Are Not On Television
The one thing that people who are not economically savvy is​ that people invest $213 billion dollars just in​ professional sports,​ alone which only makes up 1/8 of​ the​ national economy .​
It takes about $70 million+ to​ operate a​ single NHL franchise despite the​ popularity of​ a​ team .​
This is​ why so many teams have resorted to​ raising ticket prices due to​ a​ number of​ factors low television exposure due to​ getting out bidded by other networks for broadcast rights to​ that teams games,​ increases in​ ticket prices due to​ team franchises trying to​ draw in​ crowds to​ more games in​ the​ season since the​ majority of​ their revenue comes from ticket and merchandise sales during games,​ freezing of​ work opportunities and even when popular players or​ team management get fired,​ traded,​ or​ dropped.
This can affect attendance since some players have such a​ mass fan base that if​ people are not just paying to​ see a​ game they're paying to​ see their favorite player(s) as​ well .​
It's like that theory with the​ Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan made a​ comment about the​ fact that he's the​ reason the​ team was selling out season after season even during the​ 6 years the​ Bulls won the​ NBA championship because he was the​ most popular and favorite player for many of​ the​ spectators who came to​ games throughout the​ season.
Many NHL owners would air games locally,​ but when you're getting out bid by other teams for a​ single network to​ exclusively air their games it​ can be like an​ auction selling cattle where single teams are single handedly trying to​ win years-lengthy contracts in​ broadcasting games locally and nationally .​
Mostly satellite companies like Dish Network and Directv are getting the​ broadcasting rights to​ air games overseas .​
Sportsvision and ESPN are the​ only networks that air games for various sports,​ but NHL hockey is​ aired on​ Comcast as​ a​ package people can purchase to​ watch so many games for one price instead of​ airing it​ on​ regular television .​
The owner of​ the​ Chicago Black hawks refused to​ air games on​ local television apparently in​ attempt to​ bring crowds back to​ see the​ Black hawks play at​ the​ United Center .​
An article dating back to​ 2003 addressed the​ possibility of​ bringing an​ NHL franchise to​ Milwaukee Wisconsin to​ join the​ ranks of​ pro teams Milwaukee Bucks,​ Milwaukee Brewers and the​ Green Bay Packers .​
the​ main reason was that there wasn't an​ interest from the​ city or​ anyone who planned to​ invest the​ $50 million dollar price tag to​ the​ cost of​ starting up a​ franchise .​
This was information taken off a​ survey issued in​ 1990 to​ find out the​ level of​ interest people would have for possibly bringing a​ professional hockey franchise to​ Wisconsin .​
The idea wouldn't sound too bad since they got the​ weather and surely there's got to​ be throngs of​ people there who live for the​ sports you play in​ the​ wintertime and what good is​ winter if​ you can't have hockey to​ go along with it? Anyone who's a​ serious snow buff has to​ have a​ regular schedule of​ hockey games with friends or​ family to​ spar off with .​
Some people go to​ the​ rink 2-4 times a​ week during the​ hockey season or​ in​ some cases year round if​ you're really into training like a​ professional hockey player .​
Most people like playing year round,​ which keep them in​ shape if​ they play in​ small local leagues or​ a​ full-assembled team .​
Most small teams usually play year round if​ it's just a​ few friends getting together for a​ couple hours.

Pro Hockey Games That Are Not On Television And The Cost Of Maintaining

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