Pregnancy Weight Gain

The Beauty of​ Pregnancy Weight Gain
Aside from the​ overall condition of​ the​ fetus inside the​ womb,​ one of​ the​ major things that stress women when they are conceiving is​ pregnancy weight gain. This is​ because they are so afraid to​ gain so much weight and be among those women who are suffering from a​ condition called obesity.
Women who have babies in​ their wombs cannot be blamed for worrying too much over pregnancy weight gain because the​ society largely contributes to​ this thinking. in​ fact,​ with all the​ commercialization and hype on​ weight loss,​ women—even if​ those who are pregnant—are tempted to​ cut down on​ their weight so the​ people in​ the​ society won’t ridicule them.
Today,​ some studies show that more and more pregnant women are trying to​ regulate their food intake. They do this because they don’t want to​ be fat without thinking that it​ could severely affect the​ condition of​ the​ baby inside the​ womb.
Experts say that pregnant women—regardless of​ their condition—should always stay healthy throughout the​ duration of​ pregnancy. Being healthy does not only entails having a​ positive outlook in​ life but also good eating habits to​ supply the​ nutrients needed both by the​ mother and the​ baby.
Why weight gain during pregnancy?
Doctors say that that number one reason why pregnant women should gain weight is​ to​ support the​ nutritional needs of​ the​ growing fetus inside her. Since food intake is​ the​ number one source of​ all nutrition in​ the​ body,​ pregnant women should keep on​ eating especially during the​ first few months of​ pregnancy to​ provide al the​ nutrients needed by the​ baby.
Aside from supplying all the​ nutritional needs of​ the​ fetus,​ weight gain also indicates that the​ mother is​ healthy enough to​ carry on​ with the​ pregnancy.
Experts agree that the​ weight of​ the​ woman before the​ pregnancy does not matter once the​ first trimester rushes in. it​ means that no matte how light or​ heavy you are,​ you still need to​ gain weight when you are pregnant.
Medical findings prove that women who are overweight during pregnancy still need to​ gain weight with at​ least 20 pounds. Women who are underweight are advised to​ gain more,​ ranging from 2040. These figures are ideal for women who are having single babies.
For those who are expecting two or​ more,​ they need to​ gain much more weight in​ order to​ provide the​ needs of​ the​ growing babies.
Pregnancy weight gain is​ very important for this special period in​ time because it​ will benefit the​ baby a​ lot. Aside from providing him or​ her nutrients needed through the​ foods that you eat,​ it​ also ensures their overall health once they come out in​ this world. Studies show that pregnant women who did not gain weight during conceiving are mothers to​ small and sickly babies.
For pregnant women to​ gain weight the​ healthy way,​ they should stick to​ the​ recommended number of​ calorieintake which is​ 400 to​ 500 daily.
They should also be mindful about what they eat and how often they eat. During the​ early stages of​ pregnancy,​ pregnant women are allowed to​ eat almost anything they want to. But,​ as​ the​ pregnancy progresses,​ some foods are prohibited for pregnant women because these contain ingredients which can be harmful to​ the​ baby such as​ caffeine in​ coffee and in​ other drinks,​ ​alcohol​ and beverages with ​alcohol​ content,​ as​ well as​ cigarette smoking because it​ may cause mental problems to​ the​ baby.
Aside from eating healthy foods,​ pregnancy weight gain can also be achieved by performing a​ list of​ exercise regularly to​ keep the​ muscles fit and firm.

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