Possibly The Best Weight Loss Program In The World

There is​ a​ strong possibility that whoever reads this article is​ looking into ways of​ losing weight. in​ this article I describe how I went about losing my excess weight. I hope you enjoy the​ read.

I have had many problems with my weight throughout my life. Being overweight had a​ major negative effect on​ my confidence and made me feel down and at​ times depressed. When feeling low,​ I would comfort eat which merely added to​ the​ problem.

A few years ago I decided I had had enough of​ being fat and that it​ was time to​ do something about it. I was now more determined than ever to​ lose some of​ my excess weight. I had read about many different types of​ diet most of​ which I felt were not suitable for me and others which sounded disgusting.

What I required was my own type of​ weight loss program. I have never liked the​ thought of​ attending a​ gym,​ they seem to​ be full of​ thin people,​ however I knew that exercise would need to​ be a​ factor. Instead,​ I started to​ walk a​ lot more instead of​ driving everywhere,​ I also started to​ play football and tennis again. the​ thought of​ going out jogging did not really appeal to​ me,​ however I did buy an​ exercise bike which I kept in​ my bedroom.

As well as​ exercise,​ I also realised that I had to​ change my eating habits. I am somebody who likes to​ eat all the​ wrong types of​ food. I love all types of​ take away including pizzas,​ a​ curry,​ a​ chinese,​ and chips. I would always be snacking in​ between meals,​ on​ things like peanuts and crisps. I also was rather partial to​ alcohol,​ this is​ something which helped me to​ gain confidence.

The thought of​ cutting all of​ these things out of​ my life seemed to​ harsh,​ so I decided that I would start to​ write down everything I ate. This way I could see exactly what I could cut out.

This is​ what I decided to​ eat on​ average per day.

I would eat a​ healthy breakfast such as​ toast or​ cerial. I would try not to​ eat any snacks in​ between any meals,​ this was the​ thing that would be most difficult to​ stick to. I did however come up with a​ plan which you will probably think is​ daft. Whenever I felt hungry or​ a​ desire for food I would eat a​ polo mint or​ if​ I was at​ home,​ would clean my teeth. Sounds crazy but it​ worked for me!

For lunch I would also stick to​ something healthy like pasta,​ however for my evening meal,​ I decided that I could eat anything that I wanted,​ including curry. On the​ weekend I would always treat myself to​ a​ takeaway and would allow myself some alcohol.

This type of​ diet needs a​ lot of​ discipline and character,​ however it​ hs helped me to​ become a​ lot more confident and happy with life.

Good luck.

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