Playing Old Games On A New Computer

Playing Old Games on​ a​ New Computer
It's a​ Hoot!
Admit it​ - you still crave a​ good game of​ scrolling Super Mario or​ Dig Dug just like you did back in​ the​ day .​
We all do because playing them brings back some of​ the​ fondest memories .​
But it​ isn't easy to​ play these games the​ way we​ used to​ .​
Unless we've kept the​ systems and cartridges of​ the​ past in​ good working condition,​ our only trip down this jagged pixel lane is​ through a​ little known gem called emulation.
Through emulation,​ you can play some of​ your favorite games from the​ past including games made for Commodore,​ Atari,​ and Nintendo .​
Emulation refers to​ the​ ability of​ a​ program or​ device to​ imitate another program or​ device and it​ tricks the​ software into believing that a​ device is​ really some other device .​
It is​ also possible for a​ computer to​ emulate another type of​ computer .​
For example,​ there are programs that enable an​ Apple Macintosh to​ emulate a​ PC .​
All that gobbledy gook doesn't really mean too much until you discover that with the​ right emulator,​ your computer can play all your old favorite games .​
And the​ news gets even better .​
You can download emulators from the​ Internet - free .​
You can download Amiga,​ Commodore,​ GameBoy,​ Playstation 1,​ and Nintendo emulators plus you can download the​ games (ROMs) that these machines play .​
Our favorite emulator is​ the​ ZSNES Emulator .​
This particular program emulates the​ old Super Nintendo console and you can learn more about it​ yourself by visiting .​
This program comes with an​ extensive help file and walks you through the​ process of​ setting up a​ copy on​ your own PC .​
At the​ very least,​ your system needs a​ 486/100 processor,​ 14.5MB of​ RAM,​ a​ VGA card,​ and a​ Sound Blaster or​ 100% compatible sound card .​
However a​ system with a​ fast P200 or​ higher Pentium processor,​ 32MB of​ RAM,​ VGA card,​ and Sound Blaster 16 or​ 100% compatible sound card yields the​ most realistic results .​
But don't think that just because a​ console is​ on​ the​ computer - you can't enjoy your favorite gaming accessories .​
The ZSNES Emulator let's users maneuver around games with the​ keyboard and a​ joystick .​
But enough about the​ emulator - You probably want to​ know what kind of​ games you can play,​ right?
Called ROMs,​ you can play any game on​ your PC that you played on​ the​ Super Nintendo System including:
* Bomberman 5
* Super Battleship
* Beavis n' Butthead
* Bustamove
* Clue
* Dragonballz
* DreamTV
* Final Fantasy 4
* Frogger
* the​ Great Waldo Search
* Inspector Gadget
* Jeopardy Deluxee
* John Madden Football
* Mariokart
* Marvel Superheroes
* Megamans Soccer
* Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
* Monopoly
* Mortal Kombat 2
* Pinocchio
* Power Rangers
* Race Driving
* Carmen San Diego
* SimAnt
* SimCity
* SimCity 2000
* Super Mario RPG
* Sonic
* Space Football
* Starfox
* Streetfighter 2
* Super Black Bass
* Super Ninja Boy
* Super Punch-Out!!
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Themepark
* Troddlers
* Utopia
* Vortex
* Wacky Race
* Wheel of​ Fortune
* Wings 2
* Wordtris
* World Soccer 94
* Yoshis Island
* Zelda 3
* .. .​
and tons more.
Downloading these games is​ a​ simple matter of​ finding them online and there are plenty of​ websites that host them .​
Try for starters .​
Be aware that there's an​ issue with downloading these games and it's a​ legal one .​
Basically,​ you're not allowed to​ download and play any game that you don't already own on​ a​ cartridge .​
If can abide by this law,​ you can revisit the​ past,​ in​ the​ present,​ on​ your brand new PC.

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