Playing Different Airsoft Games

The different Airsoft games are based on​ the​ recreation scrimmage game model and they allow players to​ re-enact military situations and develop combat strategies for fun and enjoyment. These different Airsoft games are suitable for controlled indoor or​ outdoors environment that is​ large enough for all players.

Prepared Players Are Ready to​ Play Games

When the​ players are properly outfitted and their Airsoft gun has been checked to​ see if​ it​ is​ properly working,​ the​ players are ready to​ play different games. a​ player must be prepared to​ play by having and using their protective gear,​ tactical gear,​ clothing and suits,​ favorite accessories,​ enough Airsoft pellets and of​ course,​ favorite Airsoft gun. You will enjoy your play with the​ spring loaded,​ gas or​ electric powered Airsoft gun in​ any of​ the​ different Airsoft games.

Using Hand Signals

Hand signals are used for silent communication between team members and as​ members gain more skill in​ understanding and using the​ hand signals,​ they will become better players. There are seven hand signals and they represent ambush,​ attack,​ enemy seen,​ get down,​ halt,​ hurry up and okay. Since these signals are known among opposing teams,​ it​ is​ best if​ teams customize the​ hand signals especially for their group so the​ other team cannot interpret their signals.

General Rules

There are general rules for the​ different Airsoft games that if​ everyone follows will make the​ game play fair and more enjoyable. These general rules concern how to​ declare a​ player out and what a​ player should do if​ hit.

1. a​ hit to​ the​ body or​ gear means that a​ player is​ out
2. a​ player is​ not allowed to​ communicate with other players after being declared out
3. Friendly fire is​ considered a​ hit
4. a​ player who has been hit must proceed directly to​ the​ safe zone
5. a​ player who has been hit must yell,​ "I'm hit" and go to​ the​ safe zone with hands raised
6. it​ does not count as​ a​ hit when a​ weapon is​ hit


Games that are suitable for one team include Assassination. in​ the​ game Assassination,​ a​ captain is​ chosen who must avoid assassination by the​ person's teammates. This skill building game can teach a​ team about the​ strengths and weaknesses of​ their fellow players.


Manhunt is​ a​ game that is​ suitable for one group of​ players and it​ is​ similar to​ Assassination. the​ difference is​ that the​ hunted player can only have a​ pistol with ammunition while the​ hunter players can use whatever Airsoft gun they want to​ use. the​ hunters must only shoot at​ the​ hunted player while the​ hunted player tries to​ reach a​ designated area within a​ chosen timeframe.

Last Player Standing

Last Player Standing is​ a​ game where it​ is​ a​ free for all scrimmage among one group where the​ last player left who has not been hit is​ declared the​ winner. This game is​ a​ fast action game that can be very exciting.

Capture the​ Flag

Two teams are needed for Capture the​ Flag game where the​ object of​ the​ game is​ to​ get the​ other team's flag and bring it​ to​ the​ home team's base with the​ flag carried in​ plain view as​ it​ is​ taken to​ the​ other side.

Hostage Rescue

For the​ game Hostage Rescue,​ the​ first team is​ divided into hostages and their rescuers while the​ second team act as​ the​ guards. the​ hostages move into different spots as​ the​ rescuers keep the​ hostages supplied with weapons and ammunition. if​ the​ hostage team is​ to​ win the​ game,​ they must have 50% of​ their hostages still left when the​ guards are dispersed.

Playing different Airsoft games is​ more enjoyable when everyone follows the​ same rules for how to​ declare a​ person out of​ play. the​ different games are suitable for different sized groups and they offer an​ exciting alternative to​ other outdoor scrimmage games.

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