Playing 5 Card Games

Playing 5 Card Games

There are many types of​ poker games available for online and offline play. This article will focus on​ the​ most common 5 card poker games which are 5 card draw and 5 card stud poker. For the​ beginning poker player,​ a​ basic knowledge of​ poker rules and terms is​ required to​ develop into a​ seasoned gamer. Poker,​ in​ general,​ is​ a​ card game of​ skill and luck in​ which players obtain the​ best hand of​ cards to​ win. Most poker games require a​ hand to​ be made up of​ either seven or​ five cards. a​ good hand can be made up of​ either all cards of​ the​ same suit,​ all cards in​ order sequentially,​ or​ multiple sets of​ cards with the​ same rank. a​ "hand" in​ poker is​ the​ cards that each player is​ dealt. a​ suit is​ one of​ these four: spade,​ club,​ diamond,​ or​ heart. "Rank" is​ the​ number of​ the​ card and can be: 2,​ 3,​ 4,​ 5,​ 6,​ 7,​ 8,​ 9,​ 10,​ Jack,​ Queen,​ King,​ or​ Ace.

5 Card draw poker can be played by as​ few as​ three and as​ many as​ seven players. it​ is​ widely popular because of​ the​ speed and competitive nature of​ the​ game. Five cards are dealt to​ players,​ face down. Players can select 1-3 cards to​ exchange per bet or​ players can keep the​ cards they are initially dealt. This continues in​ a​ second round and so on​ until a​ player "folds,​" or​ gives up. Players may show their cards and the​ player with the​ best hand wins.

5 Card stud poker is​ different in​ that,​ initially,​ players are dealt one card face up and one card face down. the​ player with the​ lowest ranking face card must begin the​ betting. Subsequent cards are dealt face up until the​ player with the​ player with the​ highest ranking face card beginning the​ bet. the​ player with the​ best hand wins.

5 Card Low/5 Card High.

Most poker games can be played "low" or​ "high." This refers to​ the​ ranking of​ the​ cards in​ each player's hand. in​ 5 card low,​ aces usually count as​ the​ number "1." the​ best hand a​ player can get is​ the​ lowest in​ rank: 5,​ 4,​ 3,​ 2,​ ace. Playing 5 card high requires a​ player to​ obtain subsequent high cards to​ win with the​ highest ranking set being: Ace,​ King,​ Queen,​ Jack,​ 10. Because 5 card games of​ poker make it​ more difficult to​ get a​ good hand (since fewer cards make up each hand),​ a​ good tip is​ to​ attempt to​ collect suits or​ sets rather than straight hands unless specifically playing low or​ high.

Playing 5 Card Games

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