Play Games Often

Play Games Often

Two weeks ago,​ a​ friend of​ mine called me to​ inform me that it​ was about time we​ should meet,​ since apart from our weeks,​ also our weekends have been rather busy and we​ did not have the​ chance of​ meeting and spending some time together and have fun. Unfortunately,​ although I accepted his invitation to​ go to​ a​ beach volley match and play with his team,​ the​ weather destroyed our plans as​ it​ was pouring rain all weekend and then we​ both were working during the​ weeks that followed. as​ you can probably understand,​ our appointment got postponed to​ indefinite and we​ were left blaming the​ weather and our luck. But two weekends have since then gone by and I cannot help but wonder why our original plans to​ go out and play a​ volleyball game were never fulfilled.

Due to​ the​ contemporary business people's hectic schedules,​ finding the​ right opportunity to​ see friends,​ spend some quality time with family members or​ invest in​ personal advancement,​ have all been associated with exercising,​ playing games and team building through the​ participation of​ different sports. the​ problem in​ this kind of​ scenarios seems to​ be that just like with my friend and myself,​ if​ a​ misfortune happens there is​ no contingency plan to​ save the​ valuable time people need to​ spend with each other and there is​ not solution to​ rectify the​ situation.

Thus,​ it​ is​ imperative for people to​ try to​ come up with a​ schedule or​ at​ least not to​ be afraid to​ express their opinion and expose their need to​ hang out with each other. it​ is​ only natural and totally logical to​ wish to​ spend time with another human being. What is​ not healthy is​ for people to​ forget each other and to​ sacrifice their quality time together for games,​ discussion or​ any type of​ recreation activity just to​ get involved into war and not games with deadlines and projects from work. When even the​ limited free time people have today is​ further reduced,​ it​ is​ evident why people have become more and more alienated. in​ a​ sarcastic note,​ perhaps the​ only game people will remember how to​ play in​ some years from now,​ is​ that of​ "Risk" as​ they will be risking their friendships for the​ possible outcomes of​ their risky business activities.

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