Play Chess Online With Free Web Games

Play Chess Online with Free Web Games
The game of​ chess has come a​ long way with computers and software programs getting an​ upper hand over amateur players and even experienced grandmasters .​
It was a​ dream of​ some chess enthusiasts to​ have a​ machine play this game which represented pure thinking in​ action .​
It seemed like only a​ human could play meaningful chess and win.
The advances in​ software and computer hardware have made chess playing machines commonplace,​ so much so that now one can play the​ game on​ small handheld devices as​ well.
Another aspect of​ chess playing software is​ the​ use of​ Internet for playing the​ game .​
The Internet has made the​ world a​ close-knit community,​ with real time chatting and emails widely used everyday by millions of​ people around the​ world.
It is​ now possible to​ play the​ game of​ chess sitting at​ home or​ your office with people located anywhere in​ the​ world with an​ internet connection .​
This is​ a​ marvelous thing that has happened to​ the​ game of​ chess,​ and gaming in​ general .​
For before the​ internet,​ one could hardly imagine anything like this happening in​ the​ future.
What is​ it​ like to​ play chess online? Simply find out the​ website that allows you to​ play the​ game,​ and register with a​ username .​
Download some files and log in​ .​
Locate a​ player and start the​ game .​
Invite the​ player with some introduction.
The game software allows choosing time and colors,​ and takes care of​ most of​ the​ rules of​ the​ game .​
You may offer draws or​ resign at​ any point .​
The way to​ move pieces may differ from site to​ site,​ but the​ usual way is​ to​ drag and drop the​ pieces,​ or​ simply click the​ piece and the​ desired location in​ sequence .​
The rest is​ taken care of​ by the​ software.
Some sites like the​ gaming zone at​ msn also conduct tournaments .​
They also have a​ rating system to​ rate your performance and awards points just like grandmasters have their ratings.
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