Phone Games Of The 21st Century

Phone Games of​ the​ 21st Century
I recently had reason to​ call my phone company in​ order to​ inquire about some charges that were showing up on​ my bill .​
I​ first reached an​ automated message that told me to​ press one for English,​ which I​ did,​ followed by a​ menu with several options .​
Of the​ available options,​ none involved speaking to​ an​ actual human being .​
This was the​ type of​ phone system where you could either press the​ number of​ the​ option you wanted or​ speak it​ into the​ receiver .​
After hearing all the​ available options and knowing that not a​ single solitary one of​ them would address my issue,​ I​ decided to​ take a​ gamble .​
I​ clearly said customer service into the​ phone and was then told that what I​ had said did not match any of​ the​ available options .​
I​ tried it​ again just in​ case it​ was a​ hidden option and I​ hadn't spoken clearly the​ first time .​
Sure enough,​ the​ automated voice told me I​ would be transferred to​ a​ representative .​
I​ heard about 4 seconds of​ music and then a​ click .​
I​ waited about five minutes before realizing I​ had been hung up on​ .​
I​ went through this whole process a​ few more times before finally reaching an​ actual human being .​

The thing that irritates me the​ most is​ that many companies who should be offering personalized customer service try their absolute best to​ avoid having to​ speak with their customers .​
I​ can't understand whether it's a​ lack of​ employees to​ field the​ calls or​ that they just assume that I​ am too lazy to​ use the​ automated menu if,​ say...I only want to​ find out how much my bill is​ .​
I'm sure there is​ more than a​ few people out there who would want to​ talk to​ a​ human being even though they can get the​ information they need without doing so,​ but what about people like me who legitimately needed some real help? What really takes the​ cake is​ that this is​ a​ phone company,​ and one who can't or​ doesn't want to​ update their phone system to​ handle customer's calls .​
I​ wish there were an​ organization dedicated to​ rating these businesses' customer service policies so that they might get some idea of​ just how poor they are doing in​ relation to​ their competition .​
If there were,​ I​ would switch and give my business to​ the​ company who offered the​ best customer service,​ even if​ it​ cost more to​ do so.

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