Phenocal Review Can It Lessen The Difficulties Of Weight Loss

Phenocal Review Can It Lessen The Difficulties Of Weight Loss

Phenocal ReviewCan it​ Lessen the​ Difficulties of​ Weight Loss?
A person who is​ interested in​ losing weight should not only concentrate on​ eating less and​ exercising regularly,​ but also in​ ensuring that stored fat in​ the​ body is​ converted to​ energy and​ metabolism is​ increased. ​
However,​ due to​ busy lifestyle,​ stress or​ sedentary living,​ many people suffer from slow metabolic rate and​ poor energy synthesis.
Good thing there are many diet supplements available in​ the​ market that promise to​ help bolster metabolism and​ promote thermogenesis,​ or​ the​ process by which the​ body utilizes stored body fat and​ converts it​ to​ energy. ​
One product that claims to​ be effective in​ both aspects is​ Phenocal. ​
Created by Pharmaxa Labs,​ this allnatural supplement is​ a​ proprietary blend of​ herbs and​ plants that have been carefully chosen to​ help curb appetite,​ increase energy,​ improve metabolism and​ burn fat faster. ​

This may seem a​ tall order for one supplement. ​
But most of​ the​ active ingredients listed on​ the​ product label have been clinically proven to​ aid in​ speedy and​ healthy weight loss; among them are Green Tea,​ Chromium,​ and​ Evodiamine.
Only after scientists have discovered that Green Tea is​ rich in​ antioxidants and​ can help with weight loss did this herb attained prominence in​ the​ West. ​
However,​ green tea has long been a​ popular drink in​ ancient Japan. ​
The elements in​ this plant that make it​ a​ great diet supplement are catechin polyphenols,​ these are compounds that help enhance oxidation of​ fat and​ boost thermogenesis. ​

A study conducted by Japanese scientists found that drinking at ​ least five cups of​ Green Tea a​ day can raise metabolic rate and​ burn fat quickly. ​
it​ seems that aside from catechin polyphenols,​ the​ caffeine and​ epigallocatechin gallate EGCG contents of​ Green Tea also promote conversion of​ stored fat into energy. ​

Not all products that claim to​ have Green Tea extract also contain the​ beneficial essences. ​
More often than not,​ important substances are lost during processing. ​
However,​ Phenocal is​ one of​ the​ few diet supplements that contain both catechins 80 compounds found in​ Green Tea. ​

Chromium is​ another component in​ Phenocal. ​
it​ is​ an essential mineral already found in​ the​ body. ​
This trace mineral is​ vital in​ the​ utilization of​ fats and​ carbohydrates; it​ also influences the​ ability of​ cells to​ use insulin properly. ​
In recent years,​ Chromium gained popularity as​ an important ingredient in​ weight loss pills because of​ its ability to​ effectively make blood sugar accessible to​ cells for use as​ a​ basic form of​ energy or​ fuel. ​
Thus,​ Chromium does not only help people shed pounds,​ but also help prevent diabetes and​ certain heart ailments. ​

Furthermore,​ experts also found out that Chromium can decrease levels of​ bad cholesterol and​ even build muscles. ​
Results of​ a​ doubleblind study showed that overweight participants who took 400 mcg of​ Chromium a​ day for three months posted an average loss of​ 6.2 pounds of​ body fat. ​
Also the​ study confirmed that the​ body lean mass was kept intact; this means Chromium can make a​ person lose fat and​ without damaging muscles.
Another element in​ Phenocal that is​ known for its thermogenic property is​ Evodiamine,​ also known as​ WuChuYu in​ China. ​
This alkaloid comes from the​ plant Evodiae Fructus. ​
Clinical studies on​ animals show that Evodiamine is​ effective in​ raising the​ temperature of​ the​ body,​ which can influence the​ metabolic rate. ​
Raising body heat production increases the​ resting core temperature of​ the​ body,​ which in​ turn raises the​ amount of​ fat and​ calories burned for fuel and​ energy. ​
Subject animals that were given Evodiaminerich diet actually lost substantial weight.
Green Tea,​ Chromium,​ and​ Evodiamine are just three of​ the​ weightreducing components included in​ Phenocal. ​
Independent studies have confirmed the​ advantages of​ these substances in​ trimming down excess weight. ​
With these ingredients,​ Phenocal can make weight loss a​ much easier endeavor.

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