Ph Miracle Diet And Weight Loss

pH miracle diet and weight loss
One of​ the​ biggest benefits of​ the​ pH miracle diet is​ weight loss. Many people have turned to​ this diet to​ lose weight as​ well as​ to​ improve their overall level of​ health the​ pH miracle diet is​ very efficient at​ removing extra weight.
Obesity is​ a​ nationwide epidemic. According to​ recent studies,​ over 59 million adults over the​ age of​ 20 are obese 30 or​ more pounds overweight. One in​ three Americans have a​ some degree of​ being overweight that puts them at​ medical risk for many different conditions,​ including heart disease,​ heart attack,​ diabetes and hypertension. Even more startling is​ the​ number of​ children that qualify as​ overweight and obese. in​ the​ early 1990s the​ National Center for Health Statistics found that 15 percent of​ children between 6 and 19 were overweight,​ which was twice as​ much as​ the​ results found in​ the​ early 1980s. the​ numbers have grown even more significant. Today,​ 9 million children are at​ least 15 pounds overweight with many millions qualifying as​ obese.
What is​ to​ blame for these alarming obesity rates? the​ environment of​ highly acidic foods and high levels of​ stress have made for a​ disastrous combination. the​ more acidic a​ body becomes,​ the​ more fat the​ body will store. Overweight conditions result from too much acid in​ the​ body. Eliminating acid from the​ diet with the​ pH miracle diet will help you lose weight.
The accumulation of​ fat is​ actually the​ body’s attempt to​ deal with the​ high levels of​ acid waste. Many people think that fat is​ bad and that fat is​ the​ enemy that needs to​ be attacked. Fat is​ just a​ symptom of​ a​ larger problem acidity. You may be surprised to​ find out that your fat is​ saving your life. Fat is​ actually protecting your body from rising levels of​ acidity. When you eat massive amounts of​ sugar,​ starches,​ red meat,​ dairy products and other acidic foods,​ your body uses fat to​ bind to​ the​ acid to​ protect your cells.
The acidic cycle in​ your body functions in​ the​ following way. When you eat foods that produce acid when they are digested,​ this acid builds up in​ your body. When the​ acid is​ not eliminated in​ a​ timely fashion,​ it​ can disturb other cells and get in​ the​ way of​ their functioning. Pretty soon,​ many cells in​ the​ body are being negatively affected by the​ presence of​ acid. However,​ the​ body has a​ line of​ defense in​ the​ form of​ fat. Dietary and body fat are both used to​ neutralize the​ acid. the​ acid bound fat is​ either eliminated or​ stored,​ depending on​ how much there is. the​ body can only rid itself of​ so much acid bound fat,​ so when you eat a​ lot of​ acidic foods you will store a​ lot of​ fat.
So people who are overweight and obese are actually showing signs of​ being too acid. Their diets are too much for their body to​ handle,​ so body fat is​ being used as​ a​ line of​ defense. Fat is​ a​ symptom,​ not the​ main problem. Many people begin to​ think that eliminating fat from their diets is​ the​ key. However if​ they are still eating acidic foods they are actually robbing their bodies of​ the​ ability to​ protect themselves. Lowcarbohydrate and high protein diets have high levels of​ fat,​ but the​ people on​ these diets need that fat because their diet is​ highly acidic animal protein has acidifying effects.
The dietary solution for weight loss is​ to​ follow a​ program that is​ high in​ alkaline foods. the​ pH miracle diet balances out the​ acidity that you have been developing in​ your body and will restore you to​ your ideal weight.
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