Permeability One Of The Benefits Of Natural Lime Based Plasters

Permeability One Of The Benefits Of Natural Lime Based Plasters

As Humans we have three skins. First, our fleshly skin​ which is​ breathable. it​ transpires. Takes in​ moisture and​ lets out moisture. Our skin​ which is​ the largest organ of​ our body is​ a​ marvelous creation, and​ one we need to​ learn from. Our skin​ offers us protection​ and​ comfort. it​ offers us comfort precisely because of​ its ability to​ breathe.

Our second covering is​ our clothing. Again​ our clothing which offers us protection​ and​ comfort is​ breathable. as​ a​ rule people do not prefer wearing plastic or​ vinyl but rather natural fibers because they breathe. Our Third environment is​ our home. We learn even from people of​ antiquity that homes should offer not only protection​ but be breathable. Why should we expect our walls to​ be made of​ plastic? That may offer protection​ but not comfort. it​ is​ no secret that many in​ the wall finishes industry are speaking against vinyl wall covering specifically because they form a​ moisture barrier in​ the wall, not allowing the wall to​ breathe and​ creating a​ situation​ in​ which mold is​ not only inevitable but encouraged.


Lime’s vapor permeability is​ what has contributed to​ the longevity of​ historic buildings down through the centuries. Historic preservationists and​ conservationists have learned that you​ should not use harder less vapor permeable products that are cement based to​ do repairs or​ restorations on​ these wonderful structures.

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Another reason​ that permeability is​ important because trapped water vapor can lead to​ condensation, resulting in​ eventual moisture damage, rot and​ mold formation. and​ so permeability is​ one of​ the benefits of​ natural stone finishes in​ the form of​ lime based plasters.


Venetian plaster finishes will provide both, a​ healthy environment and​ a​ beautiful background for​ your​ walls.

Whether or​ not you​ consider applying marble based or​ marmorino finishes to​ your​ walls always keep an​ eye on​ any mold formation​ and​ clean and​ disinfect the area immediately if​ you​ discover any mold stains. Also is​ a​ good idea to​ open your​ windows occasionally to​ allow the air to​ come in​ to​ dry out all walls and​ ceilings.

Permeability One Of The Benefits Of Natural Lime Based Plasters

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