Permanent Weight Loss Solutions

There are many people who attempting to​ lose weight,​ some will succeed and others will fail,​ however the​ biggest battle for people who are able to​ reduce their weight,​ is​ often to​ keep to​ their ideal weight. Many people will find that they have soon returned to​ the​ weight that they were before they went on​ their diet or​ even that they are actually fatter. This can of​ course be very depressive and can result in​ them losing a​ lot of​ their self-esteem. What is​ needed is​ for a​ permanent solution to​ their weight problems.

There are some obvious routes to​ take in​ the​ battle to​ lose weight. They would include increasing the​ amount in​ which we​ exercise and reducing the​ amount we​ eat. it​ is​ this eating issue that can be the​ hardest to​ control and to​ reduce as​ our temptations often get the​ better of​ us.

In my opinion what we​ need to​ do is​ to​ make our house a​ fat free zone. if​ we​ become hungry and start looking through the​ cupboards and notice for example a​ packet of​ crisps,​ it​ can often be very difficult not to​ eat them. Our desire for instant food can become too great and our inner demons try and convince us that one packet will not hurt. if​ that packet of​ crisps had not been in​ the​ cupboard we​ would have not been put into that position of​ temptation and would of​ course not have been able to​ eat them.

A number of​ years ago,​ when I went about losing my own excess weight,​ I decided to​ remove all of​ the​ foods from all of​ the​ cupboards which I was aware that I needed to​ stop eating. I also removed certain drinks such as​ alcoholic drinks which were also something which contributed to​ my weight problems. I put into the​ dustbin all of​ the​ takeaway menus that I had and basically attempted to​ make it​ as​ hard as​ possible for me to​ eat or​ drink anything that I shouldn't have been.

When out and about I had to​ be determined to​ keep to​ my diet and to​ not be tempted to​ buy any of​ these items from the​ shops etc. This was not easy to​ do as​ I am somebody who loves all of​ these fatty type foods.

In my weekly food shop I bought far more fruit and vegetables and was surprised at​ how quickly my taste buds started to​ change. I soon looked forward to​ eating an​ apple as​ an​ example and the​ weight slowly but surely started to​ reduce.

After a​ number of​ months I reached a​ weight that I was happy with. My wife stated that I was now able to​ start eating items such as​ dry roasted peanuts,​ this was a​ particular favourite of​ mine. This was possibly true but could easily result in​ a​ return to​ my old bad habits and of​ course weight problems. I decided to​ stick with the​ fruit and my cupboards are still free of​ those foods which I love to​ eat but which are not good for my weight.

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