Paid Linking The Benefits And The Drawbacks

There are a​ number of​ methods to​ build website traffic, some good and​ some not so good. Text links are often considered to​ be the vehicle that helps to​ drive search engine traffic to​ your​ site, because the number and​ quality of​ links a​ page has is​ used to​ determine its relevancy and​ ranking. However, it​ is​ important to​ remember that text links can drive traffic directly to​ your​ site as​ well. Gaining links is​ always best done manually, in​ order to​ prevent links from bad neighborhoods and​ to​ ensure that you​ receive targeted traffic from your​ efforts.

SEO Link Profile

SEO, or​ Search Engine Optimization, is​ a​ popular method of​ building targeted traffic to​ a​ web page. By including well researched keywords on​ your​ web page, and​ building links using these keywords as​ anchor text, you​ can improve your​ search engine ranking. a​ link profile is​ a​ measurement of​ the quality and​ quantity of​ links that you​ have for​ each page on​ your​ site. this​ link profile is​ used by the major search engines as​ a​ guide to​ determine how relevant a​ web page is.

Why Links Matter to​ SEO

Building links is​ obviously important to​ any SEO campaign. Some marketers spend a​ lot of​ money paying for​ text links from other pages. Usually, the cost of​ a​ text link is​ determined according to​ the PageRank of​ the page – the higher the PR the higher the cost. a​ per-term fee is​ paid for​ a​ month or​ a​ block of​ months and​ the text link remains until that time elapses.

SEO Link Considerations

- When looking to​ purchase a​ link solely for​ SEO purposes there are certain​ factors you​ have to​ consider.

- The linking page should not use a​ nofollow tag. These prevent search engine spiders from properly following the link and​ your​ link profile will not benefit from any link.

- Ensure that there are not too many outgoing links on​ the page. The more outbound links on​ a​ page, the less benefit your​ link will receive. Definitely ensure that there are less than 50 links, although this​ figure is​ still too high in​ reality.

- Page relevancy is​ always a​ consideration​ when linking. The more relevant the topic of​ the linking page, the more benefit your​ page will receive.

Debate has long been waged as​ to​ whether buying text links is​ an​ ethical, and​ viable, SEO procedure. Buying enough links to​ compete for​ major search terms may certainly prove infeasible because it​ can take a​ large number of​ links to​ really make a​ difference. for​ more specific or​ targeted keywords it​ is​ a​ possible option.

Shopping for​ Traffic Building Links

Text links aren't only beneficial to​ SEO campaigns because they can directly drive traffic to​ a​ website without even considering SEO. Again, page relevancy is​ important because it​ helps to​ ensure that anybody seeing your​ link is​ interested in​ the topic of​ your​ page. Targeted visitors also mean better conversion​ rates and, therefore, higher ROI. But, there are other factors to​ consider with paid links for​ driving traffic.

- Page popularity should be measured in​ terms of​ traffic, rather than PageRank or​ any other factor. it​ is​ also unimportant whether links use nofollow tags as​ long as​ they can be clicked by visitors.

- Link placement should be considered, including the page where the link will be placed and​ the area of​ that page. Every page has certain​ hot spots and​ the more prominent a​ link is​ the more likely people will click on​ it. In-text contextual advertisements have proven both popular and​ effective.

Building Direct Traffic

Whether buying text links is​ considered ethical or​ not, it​ is​ a​ viable method of​ driving traffic to​ your​ site and​ while search engines may attempt to​ prevent the use of​ paid links in​ SEO campaigns they cannot negatively penalize your​ site for​ their use. if​ you​ are considering paying for​ text links, then you​ should try to​ ensure that you​ are doing so in​ order to​ drive traffic directly to​ your​ site via this​ link. Consider how well the link will perform, how many visitors it​ will produce, and​ whether they are targeted. Calculate an​ ROI and​ determine whether it​ is​ truly worth it.

Is Paid Linking Right for​ You?

Paid links certainly have their place. for​ a​ lot of​ sites, this​ place has proven to​ be in​ an​ SEO campaign. Care should be taken when buying text links for​ SEO, that the link is​ a​ genuinely powerful addition​ to​ your​ marketing campaign without relying on​ it​ to​ improve your​ search engine ranking. Check page popularity and​ relevance, link placement, and​ ensure that the link cost and​ results offer a​ good enough ROI to​ justify the purchase of​ the link in​ the first place. Paid links could provide you​ with good traffic if​ you​ find the right ones at​ the right price.

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