Pac Man Arcade Games

Pac-Man arcade games
A lot of​ people don’t realize that Pac-Man is​ the​ ultimate arcade game .​
The game is​ built on​ an​ old Japanese folk tale,​ and it​ was created by Toru Itwani,​ while licensed by Namco .​
The object of​ the​ game was simply to​ move through a​ maze,​ while gobbling the​ dots and avoiding ghosts .​
Pac-Man is​ such a​ success that it​ is​ still in​ the​ makings of​ having hundreds and even thousands of​ cult members .​
It was picked up for production in​ the​ US by Midway.
Pac-Man is​ a​ game that is​ for the​ player who is​ bored with the​ typical arcade games and also those who are bored with the​ space invading games .​
The game soon went on​ to​ strip ‘Asteroids’ as​ the​ greatest selling game of​ all time.
The player maneuvers the​ protagonist through a​ maze eating dots .​
You will proceed to​ the​ next level once you have gotten your image to​ eat all of​ the​ dots without getting eating itself .​
There are four ghosts which roam around the​ maze trying to​ catch Pac-man who is​ the​ character maneuvered by the​ player .​
The point of​ the​ ghost is​ that if​ Pac-Man is​ touched,​ he dies .​
The game ends when no lives remain.
If you were to​ look at​ the​ corners of​ your maze there are four power ups .​
These power-ups render Pac-man a​ short-timed ability to​ gobble up the​ ghosts.
Then once the​ ghost is​ eaten it​ will return to​ the​ pen where it​ will be revived .​
The regeneration time for the​ ghosts shortens as​ the​ game advances through the​ stages.
Even though you may think that the​ ghosts are moving in​ a​ random direction,​ basically you will find that they are completely predictable,​ but it​ does take time to​ find a​ pattern .​
This allows experienced players to​ devise precise patterns of​ movement that enables them to​ complete levels without being caught ever.
The game is​ so simple,​ but you will still be able to​ get that adrenaline rush from it .​
You will notice that a​ lot of​ people will become addicted to​ the​ game .​
It is​ actually one of​ the​ most played games of​ all times and it​ is​ also one of​ the​ most enjoyable game to​ play .​

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