Overcoming The Weight Of Diet Failure Statistics

It would be great if​ we​ could all succeed on​ the​ first or​ even fifth try,​ but for most people,​ that is​ not enough. we​ usually have much more to​ learn about dieting,​ nutrition,​ and what works best for us,​ before we​ can succeed. Statistics would tell us that the​ great majority of​ people who try to​ lose weight (some say 95%) fail miserably or​ have only short-lived success. But I like to​ look at​ these statistics in​ a​ different way,​ a​ way that gives us a​ chance to​ succeed.

Do all of​ the​ people who are trying to​ lose weight work very hard at​ it? I didn’t interview the​ whole world to​ find this out,​ but it’s quite fair to​ say that the​ answer is​ no. People are different,​ and the​ amount of​ effort they put into diets must also be different. Are you willing to​ work hard at​ your diet? Perhaps you are willing to​ work harder than average,​ or​ perhaps you will work in​ the​ 90th percentile. the​ harder you work at​ it,​ the​ more likely it​ is​ that you will be satisfied with your results. if​ you are deeply committed to​ losing weight,​ then you have just leapfrogged over more than half of​ the​ other people trying to​ do the​ same.

Another problem I have with the​ above statistic is​ that the​ dieters mentioned surely have varying degrees of​ knowledge about proper nutrition. For all we​ know many of​ “the greater majority of​ dieters,​” are on​ the​ “Buckets O’ Chocolate” diet,​ the​ “Krispy Kreme Krazy Dayz” diet,​ or​ the​ “Hershey’s Syrup” liquid diet. So,​ just because someone claims to​ be on​ a​ diet,​ that does not mean she is​ going about it​ the​ right way. if​ you lack this knowledge,​ go get it​ by reading an​ unbiased diet book,​ browsing the​ internet,​ talking to​ friends and professionals,​ or​ finding information wherever you can. Once you’ve done that,​ you can leapfrog over even more alleged dieters.

My last problem with the​ “Statistic of​ Fear and Doom” (as I call the​ 95% failure statistic) is​ that many of​ those people trying to​ lose weight have probably given up after the​ first few tries. Back in​ the​ 1980’s,​ I had a​ few roommates who each wanted to​ lose over twenty pounds. They seemed to​ take special care in​ planning their diets,​ setting goals,​ and motivating themselves. I wished them success and hoped they could help spur me on​ to​ lose weight as​ well. But after only five weeks,​ they decided that it​ was too hard,​ and they went straight back to​ their world of​ pizza and beer. Five weeks is​ not enough time,​ and they didn’t even want to​ analyze what went wrong (though I can tell you it​ was just more pizza and beer). You can easily leapfrog over these people who give up with barely a​ fight.

If you promise not to​ give up,​ I’ll promise that you have a​ much better chance to​ succeed. I almost gave up a​ few times myself. I put myself under so much stress during college that I decided that I couldn’t afford to​ worry about my weight. I was too worried about getting “good,​” grades so I could get a​ “good,​” job,​ a​ “good,​” wife,​ a​ “good,​” house,​ some “good,​” promotions and a​ “good,​” retirement package.

My message to​ you is​ that you shouldn’t give up on​ your diet or​ yourself. the​ statistics are not as​ bad as​ they seem if​ you are really serious about learning the​ nuts and bolts of​ dieting. Please realize that if​ you work hard,​ learn about nutrition and diets,​ and don’t ever give up,​ you are miles ahead of​ those other dieters. Now go lose some weight so I can tell the​ world that I helped somebody today.

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