Outsourcing Your Weight Loss

Outsourcing your weight loss,​ now that would be the​ ultimate time and effort saver. in​ a​ world moving to​ outsourcing,​ why not outsource weight loss too? All you would need to​ do is​ get a​ group of​ those “workout loving people.” You know the​ type. the​ ones that would be in​ the​ gym 6 hours a​ day if​ they could.

You would charge a​ small fee and have the​ workout lovers do the​ workout and the​ clients get all the​ results. You could have various levels too. the​ starter level,​ for people that want to​ do most of​ their own workouts,​ but would like some help on​ the​ weekends or​ busy days.

Then there would be the​ power level for the​ working man or​ woman. at​ that level,​ you can outsource up to​ 5 workouts per week,​ Monday through Friday. Finally,​ you could have the​ ultimate level,​ where you get 2 people to​ workout for you,​ 5 days a​ week and you can eat anything that you want while you stay fit and trim.

It would be the​ next craze. Who wouldn’t want to​ sign up? Just think,​ the​ body of​ your dreams without having to​ do the​ work or​ try to​ find the​ time to​ fit it​ into your schedule. No more diets. No more denying your cravings,​ no more unwanted increases in​ size.

If you want to​ change your look,​ just call the​ 800 toll free number and order the​ plan that you want. Got a​ big party this weekend? Just call the​ number and order up a​ couple extra workouts to​ take care of​ it. Imagine the​ freedom you would have in​ your life.

We all know that you can’t have someone else workout for you and you get the​ results. Unfortunately,​ the​ body doesn’t work that way. Oh well,​ outsourcing your weight loss would have been a​ great idea.

But,​ what if​ I told you that you can still outsource your weight loss? it​ wouldn’t be directly to​ other people,​ but they would play a​ role. What if​ I also told you that your outsourcing partner likes to​ work 24 hours a​ day?

Are you interested in​ knowing who this mystery outsourcing partner is? to​ give you a​ clue,​ you are already using him or​ her and he or​ she has been performing wonders. Actually,​ if​ you didn’t already have this relationship,​ you would have never made it​ past your birth. Have you guessed yet?

Your mystery partner is​ your subconscious mind. It’s successfully regulated your breathing,​ your heart rate,​ your body temperature,​ your immune system and more. Basically,​ it​ keeps everything going and performs extremely well considering the​ magnitude of​ what it​ takes care of.

Have you considered that it​ is​ also regulating your metabolism,​ your digestion,​ and your cravings? Are you starting to​ see the​ power your subconscious mind is​ wielding? Now imagine if​ you can get it​ to​ be your outsourcing partner for your weight loss?

It is​ the​ one that tells you when you are hungry,​ when you are full,​ what type of​ foods to​ crave and how much of​ it​ will be deposited as​ fat. it​ is​ working 24 hours a​ day,​ and get this,​ it​ is​ open to​ requests.

Wait a​ minute! Are you saying that you have the​ power to​ control your subconscious mind? Control might be too strong of​ a​ word,​ but you definitely have the​ ability to​ influence your subconscious mind and influence it​ extensively.

It’s YOUR subconscious mind. it​ was given to​ you,​ solely for your purposes. Unfortunately,​ we​ are not taught its power or​ how to​ effectively influence it. And here is​ the​ kicker,​ it​ is​ easily influenced.

So,​ if​ you haven’t been directly doing the​ influencing,​ who has? Well,​ if​ you find yourself overweight,​ a​ lot of​ that influence has come from those that profit greatly from all types of​ food you eat,​ the​ “diet” products you buy,​ and the​ health and fitness services you purchase.

Your subconscious mind performs much better then any service you could purchase. Regain control of​ it​ and watch the​ pounds melt away with ease. No more struggle,​ no more denying yourself,​ no more unwanted pounds.

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