Osha Standards And Your Office Computer Monitor

Osha Standards and Your Office Computer Monitor
In the​ 21st century office,​ ergonomics has become a​ very important element of​ design of​ structure. More and more officers are being designed to​ include workstations that follow ergonomic design concepts. Business owners,​ operators and managers have made employee safety and ergonomically designed workspaces a​ top priority in​ this day and age. to​ that end,​ the​ U. S. Department of​ Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration,​ OSHA,​ has set forth guidelines and standards to​ be utilized by business owners,​ operators and managers in​ the​ creation of​ employee workspaces. in​ this regard,​ OSHA has set forth a​ useful checklist to​ be utilized by a​ person responsible for creating employee workplaces and workstations. .
In this regard,​ OSHA has set forth specific guidelines to​ be utilized when it​ comes to​ computer monitors that are being utilized in​ the​ workplace. By following these guidelines relating to​ computer monitors,​ a​ business owner,​ operator or​ manager can be more comfortable in​ believing the​ workplace will be a​ safe environment for his or​ her employee team.
First of​ all,​ when it​ comes to​ computer monitors,​ OSHA guidelines maintain that a​ computer monitor screen should be large enough for adequate visibility. in​ this regard,​ a​ fifteen to​ twenty inch monitor generally is​ of​ sufficient size. the​ fact is​ that smaller monitor units make it​ very difficult to​ read characters on​ the​ screen which causes eye strain and may result in​ long term damage. On the​ other hand,​ units that are larger than twenty inches require too much space in​ a​ workstation and are not practical. And,​ again,​ in​ order to​ be ergonomically adequate under OSHA guidelines,​ a​ screen or​ monitor in​ the​ fifteen to​ twenty inch range is​ ideal.
Second,​ the​ angle and tilt of​ the​ monitor should be easily adjustable. Different people are different sizes and need to​ have a​ monitor that can be adjusted to​ fit their own body size and frames. Additionally,​ even if​ a​ workstation is​ used by only one person,​ there may be different work assignments that will be best undertaken with the​ monitor at​ alternate angles.
Finally,​ in​ order to​ keep a​ workspace clear and uncluttered and thereby safer and easier to​ work within a​ business owner,​ operator or​ manager should consider buying a​ flat screen monitor. Flat screens require a​ significantly reduced amount of​ space within a​ workstation or​ workspace.
More information on​ the​ OSHA guidelines pertaining to​ computer monitors for safe workstations can be found at​ the​ OHSA website. OSHA can be reached online at​ http//www. osha. gov.

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