Organize Files Both Paper And Computer

Tips to​ organize files in​ real-space

If you have a​ system that isn't working,​ it's probably because it​ is​ not the​ system outlined below. Simplicity of​ effectiveness is​ vital for a​ real-space filing system.

To organize files in​ real-space it​ should take no more than 1 minute to​ add so me thing new to​ your system and no more than 30 seconds to​ retrieve something.

Organize Files - Preparation:
Get a​ large sturdy metal filing cabinet.
Get box files and card files.
Get an​ electric label maker.
Chuck out hanging file guides.

Organize Files - Implementation:
1. Grab a​ card file as​ soon as​ you have paper work that you want to​ reference for later use.
2. Create a​ label with the​ electric label maker with a​ word/phrase that very obviously identifies what the
papers are about.
3. Put the​ labeled file in​ your filing cabinet in​ a​ to​ Z order.

Maintenance of​ Organized Files:
On computer start a​ file listing everything that's in​ your real-space filing cabinet from a​ to​ Z.
Keep your computer file updated by occasionally flicking through your filing cabinet (it will take less than 10
minutes) to​ check for items that are not on​ your computer file and adding anything new.

Consider that if​ you currently have trouble keeping on​ top of​ the​ way you organize files it's probably because the​ way you have been doing until now is​ not this simple strategy. the​ approach outlined above is​ purposely extremely simple. it​ really works to​ do it​ like this.

With that technique for how to​ organize files in​ real-space dealt with,​ we​ can now think about your way to​ organize files on​ your computer.

Tips to​ organize files on​ computer

Experience with clients has taught me that often someone has more clutter on​ computer than in​ their home or​ office.

The computer can be a​ source of​ great enjoyment and productivity if​ you organize files on​ it​ well. I realize that it​ doesn't take up any real space in​ your
home or​ office,​ which is​ probably why people let it​ get so bad,​ but I found that it​ effects my clients satisfaction and productivity immensely.

Sure there are plenty of​ manuals on​ using the​ computer but I discovered that there was no simple,​ straightforward explanation of​ keeping on​ top of​ where everything on​ computer is. So I created an​ approach that I show my clients and here is​ the​ basics of​ it.

Is it​ frustrating or​ even somewhat anxiety provoking sometimes to​ approach the​ computer? Such feelings are caused by thinking of​ the​ amount of​ time it​ will take to​ find what you want whilst half-thinking that it​ really shouldn't be so out of​ hand.

Well we're about to​ turn things around. Get into the​ habit of​ creating folders on​ your computer for various topics. Put everything relevant to​ each topic into the​ appropriate folder.

Create more folders within existing topic folders for sub-topics. E.g. You might create a​ folder called Health. in​ that you might have folders for Diet,​
Exercise,​ Sleep.

Spend time on​ that process and you will finally feel that you can organize files on​ your computer very very well indeed.

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