Only 10 000 Steps A Day Will Help You Lose Weight

Only 10 000 Steps A Day Will Help You Lose Weight

Experts have discovered that walking 10,​000 steps a​ day can help you drop those unwanted pounds faster than just about any other method of​ weight loss. Walking will also help you keep the​ weight off for a​ longer period of​ time because it​ builds your muscles while keeping your heart at​ a​ fat-burning rate.

Because it​ can seem to​ be a​ daunting task to​ walk 10,​000 steps,​ it​ is​ important that you develop a​ strategy for meeting your daily quota. Here are three simple methods to​ help you reach your goals without losing focus:

Use a​ Pedometer
Using a​ pedometer can help you easily keep track of​ the​ distance you have covered throughout your day as​ well as​ the​ number of​ steps that you have taken. a​ pedometer is​ a​ small box-shaped calculator that you can clip to​ your belt or​ pants pocket in​ the​ same way you would wear a​ beeper.

When placed firmly near the​ hip,​ the​ pedometer accurately registers each step that you take. For individuals wishing to​ meet their new daily quota of​ 10,​000 steps,​ the​ pedometer is​ the​ easiest,​ more carefree method to​ reach the​ goal.

When shopping for a​ pedometer,​ make sure that you select a​ model that has both distance and well as​ individual step readings. You will begin to​ learn how many steps go into one mile. You will also be surprised by how many steps you can add to​ your daily count by changing small habits,​ such as​ choosing the​ stairs over the​ elevator or​ walking to​ your colleague’s desk rather than sending an​ email.

Calculate the​ Time it​ Takes
Using either you pedometer or​ a​ counting method,​ calculate the​ approximate time it​ takes for you to​ traverse a​ specific distance,​ such as​ a​ mile. Calculate this number several times on​ several different days and average the​ figures together. You will then be able to​ determine approximately how long it​ will take you to​ walk a​ portion of​ your steps if​ you choose to​ spend a​ set amount of​ time walking them off.

For example,​ if​ you know that you can walk all 10,​000 steps in​ an​ hour,​ then you can elect to​ dedicate an​ hour everyday to​ walking your steps. However,​ if​ you cannot dedicate a​ full hour,​ then you can add up increments of​ ten minutes at​ a​ time until you reach your goal. Having a​ clear understanding of​ just what it​ takes to​ reach your goal will help you to​ approach the​ task much more strategically than if​ you did not have a​ plan. Do the​ calculations to​ save time and assure that you reach your 10,​000 steps.

Measure a​ Route
Measure a​ route based on​ the​ time and distance it​ takes you to​ walk your 10,​000 steps. Having a​ pre-planned route will help you to​ view the​ task of​ walking 10,​000 in​ a​ more manageable light. You will be able to​ measure your progress along your day and have a​ system for achieving your goals.

Because taking the​ same path everyday may become tedious,​ plan two or​ three routes. Plan a​ long route for days when you have a​ plethora of​ energy,​ a​ short route for days when you are tired,​ and a​ mid-length route for days when you are energized but busy. Giving yourself plenty of​ options is​ important to​ helping you stay positive so that you can achieve your goal.

Only 10 000 Steps A Day Will Help You Lose Weight

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