Online Skill Games

Online Skill Games
The Amazing Growth of​ Online Skill Games
Life used to​ be so simple,​ didn't it? If you wanted to​ speak to​ someone,​ you'd pick up the​ phone (or even go visit them); if​ you wanted shopping,​ you'd wander downtown and make your purchase' and if​ you wanted to​ play poker or​ roulette,​ you'd go down to​ your local casino .​
How things change.
Although still simple,​ instead of​ the​ phone you have online instant messaging with Yahoo,​ or​ AOL; instead of​ going to​ the​ supermarket,​ you do your shopping online and the​ supermarket comes to​ you; and instead of​ going to​ the​ casino,​ you play poker,​ roulette and many other skill games online.
And it's this growth in​ online skill games,​ where money exchanges hands just like it​ would in​ real life,​ that many experts believe is​ only just reaching the​ tip of​ its proverbial iceberg.
What is​ An Online Skill Game?
In its simplest terms,​ an​ online skill game is​ anything where you pit your wits against either another human user,​ or​ a​ sophisticated software program that takes the​ place of​ human opponents .​
Although there are skill games that are free,​ the​ ones that have seen the​ biggest explosion in​ popularity are the​ paying ones.
Popular online skill games include poker,​ roulette,​ virtual slot machines and similar,​ although there are other types .​
For instance,​ video gaming is​ now becoming just as​ popular as​ the​ more traditional online skill games,​ and there are even worldwide competitions where PC and console gamers can come together to​ battle each other at​ a​ number of​ pre-chosen games for cash prizes,​ which can be as​ much as​ $250,​000!
Why is​ It So Popular?
Apart from the​ usual enjoyment that you'll get from playing a​ game you enjoy playing with your buddies on​ the​ occasional weekend,​ online poker is​ so huge for one simple reason - the​ amount of​ money it​ creates.
· Online skill games are growing four times faster than any other online subject
· the​ market is​ due to​ grow from being worth $5.2 billion today,​ to​ $13 billion by the​ year 2011 (or the​ equivalent of​ $412 per SECOND!).
With no signs of​ slowing down,​ and new companies joining in​ the​ fun for a​ slice of​ the​ extremely profitable pie that online skill games offers,​ you can see why the​ prizes are so enticing to​ get you on​ board in​ the​ first place.
Now where's my credit card?

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