Online Magazines For Computer Programming

Online Magazines For Computer Programming

Where to​ Find Online Magazines for Computer Programming
Computer programming is​ a​ field that lives on​ trends .​
This makes it​ important that programmers,​ computer enthusiasts and other experts in​ the​ field continuously update their skills and knowledge to​ remain competitive and relevant .​
Online magazines,​ for one,​ are an​ excellent source of​ new information about the​ discipline .​
There are several of​ these magazines that are very useful,​ particularly to​ students and professionals of​ computer programming .​
Below is​ a​ list of​ online magazines that you might want to​ check out:
C++ Source
C++ Source is​ an​ excellent online magazine for users of​ this language .​
the​ mag is​ filled with very informative feature articles,​ news and updates about C++ and its practitioners .​
There is​ also a​ section that offers tutorials for those who are still unfamiliar with C++,​ which makes this a​ very useful resource for students and professionals alike .​
To access the​ mag,​ go to​ and click on​ the​ link to​ cppsource.
Doctor Dobb's Journal
Dr .​
Dobb's Journal is​ one of​ the​ top online magazines that are currently active today .​
the​ mag features articles,​ tips,​ advice,​ book and software reviews,​ source codes and other resources that computer programming practitioners will find very useful.
Developer.* is​ an​ independent online magazine that offers plenty of​ information for professionals in​ the​ fields of​ computer programming and software development .​
So whether you're an​ enthusiast or​ a​ full-fledged programmer,​ a​ software engineer or​ a​ database designer,​ this online magazine holds a​ good variety of​ topics for you .​

You can also subscribe to​ their online newsletter or​ peruse the​ website for articles and blogs .​
the​ site ( also has an​ FAQ section that you might want to​ check out .​
This is​ quite useful if​ you have a​ question about a​ particular issue.
Methods & Tools
This free online magazine is​ available either as​ a​ PDF file or​ a​ text issue .​
It offers some very practical advice and information about software engineering and development that professionals in​ this field will find very valuable .​
Past articles and issues may be downloaded from the​ archives – earliest issues date back to​ 1999 .​
the​ site also has links to​ news,​ facts and information about software development tools that you might find useful.
Byte is​ not exactly an​ online magazine but it's too useful to​ pass up .​
the​ most sought-after features in​ this site are its articles,​ many of​ which were written by computer programming experts .​
the​ archive section which contains the​ columns and articles go back to​ 1994 .​
To keep updated about the​ discipline,​ you can check out the​ site regularly for some very practical articles written by those who know computer programming best.
Leading-Edge Java
Leading-Edge Java is​ another online publication from but it​ caters to​ users and developers of​ Java .​
So if​ you are a​ professional devoted to​ the​ language,​ you'll find this mag quite useful .​
Here,​ everything you'll need to​ pursue and refine your knowledge and skills in​ Java technology are yours for the​ clicking – news,​ write-ups,​ interviews with other professionals,​ tools,​ tutorials and APIs.
Visual Systems Journal
VSJ ( is​ an​ online magazine for computer programming that offers a​ huge variety of​ information for users of​ different computer languages .​
This is​ the​ perfect resource if​ you're using multiple languages or​ would like to​ learn more .​
It mostly offers technical information which beginner and more experienced programmers will like .​
It includes technologies and languages such as​ Java,​ XML,​ Visual Basic,​ database programming,​ .NET and web services,​ among others.

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