Online Games Types Of Popular Games

Online Games Types Of Popular Games

Online Games - Types Of Popular Games
This article gives brief information about the​ popular computer online games.
Action and adventure Games: the​ games which come in​ this genre are the​ ones,​ which involve fighting games,​ space adventure games,​ situational games where the​ player is​ required to​ achieve some objectives,​ etc .​
Most of​ the​ games in​ this genre are rich in​ animation and may also come with a​ story line .​
Arcade Games: Gaming arcades earlier used to​ be the​ place in​ the​ neighborhood,​ where gaming machines were installed .​
To play a​ game,​ one must put some coins into the​ machine .​
Online arcade games are just another term .​

Board Games: These are some of​ the​ most popular games .​
Board games played online are the​ same,​ which we​ play in​ our real life .​
They are animated versions of​ traditional and favorite board games.
Card Games: These need no explanation .​
Card games are ever popular with the​ gaming population .​
There are a​ lot of​ games designed with playing cards .​

Casino Games: Now again,​ these are fairly addictive .​
They simulate the​ games available in​ real casinos .​
When you play with virtual money,​ there is​ nothing to​ lose .​
So you get a​ lot of​ people playing online casino games .​
You may believe it​ or​ not,​ but a​ lot of​ online casino games may even involve real money transactions .​

Strategy Games: These are the​ games,​ which take considerable time to​ play and complete .​
The player has to​ apply his mind totally to​ devise strategies to​ play and win .​
Some people may not like strategy games,​ but others like these .​
These games may take some time to​ master .​

Sports Games: People like to​ play sports games on​ the​ Internet .​
One does not need much time to​ understand sports games,​ if​ one already understands the​ real sport .​
One can have many levels of​ play .​
And there may be the​ option of​ competing against a​ second player or​ the​ computer itself .​

Shooting Games: These are great stress busters .​
People can play these games and let out their anger on​ shooting enemies and objects in​ virtual games .​
There can be a​ lot of​ variety in​ shooting games .​
These can also be included in​ the​ action and adventure genre of​ games,​ but are kept separate due to​ their popularity .​

Puzzle Games: These games are again very popular for people who do not like too much action or​ violence .​
These can actually help you sharpen your mind .​
Puzzle games are loved by all ages .​
In fact there is​ no age group for puzzle games.

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