Online Dvd Rentals How Computer Internet Technology Has Revolutionized The Way People Rent Dvds

Online Dvd Rentals - How Computer Internet Technology Has Revolutionized the​ Way People Rent Dvds
If you thought that the​ only way to​ rent DVDs was to​ head down to​ the​ local Blockbuster or​ Hollywood Video,​ you’ll be in​ for a​ nice surprise .​
Thanks to​ the​ ease and comfort of​ the​ Internet,​ you can now rent DVDs online from companies such as​ Netflix,​ Intelliflix and even Blockbuster Online .​
One of​ the​ features of​ renting DVDs online is​ the​ pricing structure .​
If you rent a​ DVD from a​ popular brick-and-mortar store,​ you can expect to​ pay about $6 per movie,​ including taxes .​
One of​ the​ most popular plans offered by these online DVDs rental services is​ a​ $17.99 plan which lets you rent out 3 DVD’s at​ a​ time with no limits on​ how many you rent per month.
Consider the​ fact that if​ you rent just 3 DVDs per month,​ then you already get your full money's worth,​ but the​ reality is​ that you can rent as​ many movies as​ you want for the​ same flat rate .​
Plus,​ with no extra fees such as​ shipping,​ and the​ time and gas you save,​ it’s almost a​ no-brainer to​ set up an​ account with one of​ these online DVD rental services .​
As an​ added bonus,​ all of​ these services offer a​ free trial where you can give it​ a​ try .​
If you don’t like it,​ then simply cancel your account within the​ trial period,​ and it​ won’t cost you a​ cent .​

Renting DVDs online is​ very easy to​ do .​
Just use your home computer and Internet connection: log onto your account and browse through all the​ available movies .​
All of​ the​ online DVD rental services make the​ navigation simple to​ use and understand .​
Most of​ the​ movies are grouped into categories such as​ Drama,​ Comedy,​ Action,​ Foreign and New Releases so you can browse through hundreds of​ titles within minutes .​
There’s usually a​ review of​ each film also so you can get a​ preview of​ what the​ plot is​ about .​
Then all you do is​ simply place every movie you want to​ watch into your to​ view list .​
Within a​ couple business days,​ they will ship the​ DVDs at​ the​ top of​ the​ list to​ your home.
Another convenience is​ that there are no late fees associated with these online DVD rental services .​
You keep each DVD for as​ long as​ you want,​ until .​
Once you return the​ DVD back in​ the​ return envelope,​ simply wait a​ day or​ two for it​ to​ clear your queue and the​ next movie on​ your list will be delivered .​

I have tried both Netflix and Blockbuster Online and I​ can honestly testify that these online DVD rental services are a​ great deal (though I​ give Blockbuster a​ slight edge) .​
I​ have caught up on​ hundreds of​ movies in​ the​ past couple of​ years .​
Also,​ they rent TV show DVD’s so I’ve been able to​ catch up on​ many TV shows as​ well .​
The $14.99 I​ currently pay per month for my service is​ simply an​ outstanding value .​
Give it​ a​ chance and I​ bet you'll also find it​ superior to​ the​ old way of​ renting DVDs .​
Remember,​ if​ you’re not feeling sure about online DVD rentals,​ there's usually a​ free trial where you can check it​ out risk free.

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